Pathankot attack: 4 pieces of concrete evidence that Pakistan must probe

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Pathankot, Jan 6: Without blaming the Pakistan establishment, India has submitted preliminary proof relating to the Pathankot attack.

There is ample proof prima facie to suggest that all the terrorists had made their dissent into India from Pakistan.

[Timeline of Pathankot terror attack]


The very fact that the terrorists were launched from Pakistan must mandate a strong and honest investigation, India has said.

Yesterday when Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke with Pakistan's PM, Nawaz Sharrif, the tone was a tough one.

Modi made it clear that he expects an honest and quick probe into the attack. Modi also emphasised on the need to act against the perpetrators of the attack after quick investigation.

Without spelling it out in clear words, Modi expected that Pakistan would not conduct an eye wash probe.

The Pakistan link to the Pathankot attack:

There is a long way to go before the National Investigation Agency (NIA) completes its probe into the attack.

Three different cases have been registered. While two are relating to the killing of the taxi driver Ikagar Singh and the abduction of the Superintendent of Police, the other is relating to the attack itself.

India has with it GPS coordinates which directly link the terrorists to Pakistan. It is clear through the GPS coordinates that the terrorists had made their dissent into India from possibly Bhawalpur in Pakistan which is the headquarters of the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM).

Secondly, India has also informed Pakistan about the statements made by the abducted Superintendent of Police, Salwinder Singh.

Going by his statements, it becomes clear that the terrorists were from Pakistan. The other strong indication of a Pakistan link is the statement by Rajesh Verma, the friend of the SP who was also present in the car when the terrorists hijacked it.

Verma has made it clear that after letting the SP and his cook Mohan get off the car, the terrorists drover around for sometime.

They asked for details of the Amritsar airport and during a conversation made on the mobile phone of the SP which they had stolen, they constantly used the word air force.

Further Verma also said that they were looking into a mapping device and were waiting for a blue line which indicated that they were close to their target.

Thirdly, the call records of the slain taxi driver Ikagar Singh is also given as proof. There was a call that was made to his number from Pakistan.

He had rushed out of his house following this call. However, he was slain later allegedly by the same group of terrorists.

[Pathankot attack: 8 calls from taxi driver's phone to Pakistan under probe]

There were 8 other calls that were from his number too which were to a number in Pakistan.

Fourthly, the material found at the attack site is also part of the proof. There was a lot of ammunition and other material which had a Pakistan marking on it.

India would want Pakistan to explain what this material with a Pakistan marking was doing with the terrorists.

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