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Partial Lunar Eclipse 2019 on July 16-17, to be visible in India


New Delhi, June 24: Upcoming partial lunar eclipse will take place on the night of July 16 and go on till July 17. Lasting for over 3 hours, it will be visible in most part of the country.

A lunar eclipse takes place only at full moon. When the sun, earth and moon come in a perfect straight line and as the Sun's rays falls on the Earth and its (Earth's) shadow falls onto a patch of space and the moon enters that patch a lunar eclipse is seen, he said. The shadow is composed of two cone-shaped parts, one nested inside the other. The outer shadow or penumbra is a zone where Earth shadow is partial and blocks some, but not all of the Sun's rays.

Partial Lunar Eclipse 2019 on July 16-17, to be visible in India

In contrast, the inner shadow or umbra is a region where Earth blocks all direct sunlight from reaching the Moon. It is only when a part of the Moon passes through the umbra, a partial lunar eclipse is seen. If the entire Moon passes through the umbral shadow,then a total eclipse of the Moon will be possible.

Where will be partial lunar eclipse will be visible

Partial Lunar Eclipse will be visible in most parts of the world. However, it will not be seen in North America.

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Is partial lunar eclipse visible in India

This lunar eclipse also known Chandra Grahan will be visible in India on the intervening night of July 16 and July 17, 2019 starting from 9:31 pm and would last for three hours.

How to watch it

Looking directly at the Lunar Eclipse can damage your eyes, therefore, it is advised to wear eclipse glasses or basic sunglasses to protect your eyes from blindness. You can also use a pinhole camera to watch this celestial event safely at home.

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