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Pak boat: Modi owes explanation to none

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New Delhi, Jan 6: What has overshadowed a bonafide operation undertaken by our Coast Guards in intercepting Qalandar or the Pakistan boat is the debate questioning the operation.

People have jumped to conclusions questioning the operation with their past antiquated knowledge of internal security. The coast guards who should have been hailed held a very quiet celebration after such a tough operation on the high seas.

Pakistan ferry
Amar Bhushan, former officer with the Research and Analysis Wing says in this interview with OneIndia, " when it comes to national security and protecting our nation, the government does not owe anyone an explanation.

Those who questioned have no privy to information:

All those who have been questioning the operation appear to have no privy to the intercepts. I am sure they must be knowing how the intelligence works. There are intercepts that come from all over and it is analysed and only once actionable does an operation take place.

Unless someone is privy to these intercepts it is not right for them to jump to insipid conclusions. The kind of questions that are being raised are all thoughtless conclusions.

Their sources have fed them with wrong information to waylay them from the actual picture. They seem to be writing and speaking based on their past antiquated knowledge.

Classic intelligence game:

Many people fall prey to intelligence given from other countries. We have seen in the past how the Intelligence officers based in Karachi and Dubai have deliberately fed in wrong information to some Indians.

This is a classic game of the intelligence of other nations which wants to put the Indian government on the backfoot and make a bonafide incident be debated. I suspect that something of this sort could have happened in this case as well.

Whatever it may be they have managed to achieve what they wanted. The Pakistanis are quoting the Indians about this incident and it has also forced the government to come out and speak.

However in my opinion the government need not speak. The government cannot go around giving explanations for every little detail of an operation pertaining to national security.

Such persons who ask for sources should reveal theirs' first. Moreover according to me such persons should also be charged for anti national activities.

Communication system cannot be compromised:

In such an operation there is no need to reveal every bit of the communication. The Communication system cannot be compromised just because some anti nationals are asking for it.

Smugglers use white flags:

Those calling these persons on the boats as smugglers should understand that they do not kill themselves. Smugglers come into the Indian waters with white flags.

White flags are waved at the coast guard when they are cornered. I have not heard of any operation where smugglers end up blowing up the boat or killing themselves.

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