Pak violated UNSC resolution by facilitating the 26/11 attack: Former R&AW official

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New Delhi, Feb 12: In the four days that David Headley has been testifying he has made several comments about the involvement of the ISI in the 26/11 attack.

While the statements on Ishrat Jahan do hold a great deal of importance as it does settle a debate on whether she was innocent or not, one must not lose focus of the other points in the Headley testimony.

David Headley

More importance needs to be given to the links of the ISI and the 26/11 attack and one must ensure that his testimony is not mired in political mud slinging. If we continue to do so then we are just ensuring a victory for Pakistan.

Focus on Pakistan:

V Balachandran, former official with the Research and Analysis Wing tells OneIndia that his evidence is important for shaping higher strategic steps against Pakistan.

His revelations have given enough details of how Pakistan's official agencies had strategised, trained, equipped, exported and monitored terrorist activities against India.

Pakistan has clearly violated the UNSC Resolution No: 1373(2001) 2(a) and UNGA Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy (2006) Annexe II(1) bind member states " from organasing, instigating, facilitating, participating in , financing, encouraging or tolerating terrorist activities".

Pakistan, by signing these conventions, is also bound to take measures to ensure that its territories are not used for locating terrorism camps, training, or terrorist acts against other states, Balachandran says.

We need to use his evidence properly and ensure it does not get embroiled in politics. If India can ensure that the evidence is used correctly considering it has been made before a court of law then it will set in motion a process which will finally compel Pakistan to abandon terrorism as a coercive foreign policy instrument against India.

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