Pak Cyber Army: Many names one game

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New Delhi, Sept 1: The Pakistan Cyber Army which has launched many attacks on important Indian websites including the CBI's portal has emerged in a new form today.

Earlier known as the Pakistan Cyber Army it calls itself the Paksitan Cyber Mujahideen today.

Pak Cyber Army: Many names one game

The name change was on expected lines as it gives a more local flavour to the organization. After the Chinese Cyber Army, the Pakistan's Cyber Army or the Cyber Mujahideen is considered to be the most dangerous.

Many names one game:
The change in name was on expected lines. The Pakistan Cyber Army sounds too Anglicized for the liking of the local hardliners in Pakistan. Hence the name has been changed to the Paksitan Cyber Mujahideen. The cyber army from Pakistan has also operated under the name of H4tr ck in the past.

Whatever the name may be the game continues to remain the same. While on one end the violations along the border escalates as each day passes, the cyber army too has shifted to overdrive today. Recently the PCA or the PCM attacked a few financial institutions in India.

This army has been extremely notorious and has in the past attacked the sites of the BSNL and also the CBI. In the year 2013 alone they attacked 112 sites in India. It was the same year that they had even carried out the panic campaign which led to the exodus of North Eastern people from various parts of the country.

The threat ahead for India:

China and Pakistan continue to be India's biggest cyber threats.While China looks to snoop into important defence information, Pakistan on the other hand defaces our websites and also uses our networks to spread hate on the cyber space and we all saw what the result of that was.

Pakistan has engaged in a cyber war since the year 1998 and since then created many groups to hack into sites of developing nations especially India. The first of the websites that Pakistan based hackers defaced was that of the Bhaba Atomic Research Centre and this was done by a group known as Milworm.

After Milworm there have been many groups in Pakistan which have constantly hacked into Indian sites. Some of the groups that have been created over the years are the army in Kashmir, the Pakistan G Force and the Pakistan Cyber Army, the Pakistan Hackers Club.

Since the cyber warfare with India began these groups have targeted nearly 500 websites in India whereas the Indian groups have managed to hit back at Pakistan around 40 times.

Pakistan based hackers are completely funded by the Intelligence out there and more importantly unlike in India, they are fully protected.

There has been a lot of intelligence regarding Pakistan groups using the social media and other websites to create a panic.

The social media today has become a favorite platform for terrorist groups to spread panic. All international organizations such as the ISIS or the al-Qaeda have relied heavily on the social media to spread a hate campaign and propaganda war. Indian Intelligence agencies have launched campaigns to overcome this menace.

Recently an operation called Chakravyuh was launched in which those showing an inclination towards joining the ISIS were stopped.

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