OneIndia Survey- Majority feel Rs 2,000 notes will worsen black money hoarding

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Demonetisation was aimed at curbing black money. Withdrawal of high value Rs 1,000 notes claimed to be a move to stop illegal hoarding of money but will Rs 2,000 notes kill this very intent? Won't it worsen black money?

OneIndia's survey on demonetisation and its effects on the country has unveiled that netizens believe Rs 2,000 notes will only worsen black money hoarding in the country. A clear majority of 51.7% respondents felt that the decision to introduce Rs 2,000 notes made no sense. The respondents felt that the new Rs 2,000 notes will help black money hoarders in the long run.

OneIndia Survey

About 48.3% voters, however, felt that Rs 2,000 notes won't worsen black money hoarding in the country. 15,067 participants were of the opinion that black money will take a very long time to return.

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In one of the biggest online surveys over demonetisation, OneIndia collated responses from over 31,198 netizens on various issues related to demonetisation and its effects. Taking the survey beyond just English online news consumer, OneIndia ran surveys in its Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati and English channels.

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