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Now, Oyo rooms will share your check-in details with govt, Law authorities


New Delhi, Jan 16: Hospitality firm OYO Hotels & Homes will now facilitate direct data sharing of its customers with various state governments and law enforcement authorities in order to give them better information of guests staying at its hotels or visiting the state.

Currently, all hotels in India use a manual register with over 20 fields to record the details of guests who check in. This data is later shared by hotels with the police authorities as mandated by the law.

Now, Oyo rooms will share your check-in details with govt, Law authorities

The leading hospitality chain is setting up a digital record system called Digital Departure & Arrival Register in which it digitally collects the customer data whenever a guest checks in and shares them directly with state government and various law enforcement bodies.

Rajasthan and Telangana have already accepted the OYO proposal and the company has put in place a digital register in its Jaipur rooms whereas a pilot project is being run in Haryana and Telangana.

How will this work?

The hotel manager or the receptionist is equipped with an app that captures guest details and photos and directly shares them with the authorities. The app can be installed in a separate dedicated tablet or even downloaded via Play Store or App Store. When someone checks in a hotel, the manager can record the info in the app immediately along with photo of guest and relevant govt ID proofs and sends it directly to the government server. The company claims that it does not store any data and shares it directly with the government servers.

Oyo rooms is also targeting to become the world's largest hotel chain in the coming one and a half years, as it plans to scale up its room keys from the current 0.45 million to one million.

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