Negativity against Modi government: How National Media Analytics Centre will counter that

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New Delhi, Feb 23: The National Media Analytics Centre (NMAC) will soon become a reality and the government has decided to fast track it. The centre is being set up with an intention of monitoring the narrative about the government in the social media, television, web portals and also newspapers.

An officer involved with the process tells OneIndia that the intention is not to track down people who speak negatively about the government. "We are just keeping a tab on the narrative so that the government could clarify and counter allegations if they are untrue," said the source.

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Countering negativity:

The Centre's primary aim would be to counter negativity. It has been noticed in the past year that many people are attempting to show the government in poor light. More often than not, the narrative is never countered and this leads to the government getting bad publicity.

Once the Centre is set up, the software would scan through posts about the government and classify them into negative, positive or neutral. Moreover, the software is also designed in a manner that it would ascertain if a negative posting against the government is factually correct or an intentional effort to malign the government.

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