Narendra Modi in Hangzhou for G20 Summit

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the backdrop of G20 Summit at Hangzhou, China had bilateral meeting with world leaders and addressed the summit.

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He also took part in the BRICS leaders meet. PM's first engagement in Hangzhou was a meeting with the host President of China Xi Jinping.

Leading from the Chair PM Narendra Modi addressed BRICS Leaders meeting in Hangzhou, before Summit in Goa in October.

PM at the meeting said, "We as BRICS, are an influential voice in international discourse. It is, therefore, our shared responsibility to shape the international agenda".

He further added that, "Our shared responsibility to shape international agenda in manner that helps developing nations achieve their objectives".

PM had also said then that, "As chair of BRICS, Building Responsive, Inclusive & Collective solutions is theme we've chosen which mirrors central priorities at G20 Summit".

PM also brought out the point that, "We've taken BRICS out of capitals to involve people from all walks of life. It'll be an opportunity to deepen our ties & with BIMSTEC countries".

After the BRICS leaders meeting, PM had a bilateral meeting with Australian PM.

PM was presented Chinese translations of ancient Indian texts and he was also gifted an oil painting of himself. The painting was done by Professor Shen Shu.

PM then arrived at the Convention Centre for the G20 Summit in Hangzhou. There he stood with world leaders for a photo. Opening ceremony of G20 then got underway with remarks by President Xi Jinping.

PM Modi then spoke at G20 Summit. He began his address by saying, "We meet at a time when the global situation faces complex political and economic challenges".

Some important points that were raised by PM in his address are:

"A frank, even a difficult conversation will not be enough. What G20 needs is an action oriented agenda of collective, coordinated and targeted action."

"Aim to improve fin system, boost domestic production, enhance infra investment and create pool of human capital."

"Our challenges are common, so are opportunities. Connected machines, digital revolution and new technology laying foundation for next generation global growth."

PM Modi ended his address by acknowledging President Barack Obama as strong advocate of building global partnerships and constant voice of collective action.

PM also met Mohammad bin Salman, Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia following first session at G20.

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