UPA is lost, their honour is lost: Narendra Modi at 'Red Fort'

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Narendra Modi
Raipur, Sept 7: Comparing UPA and NDA government once again, Modi recalled the the 20 point programme which has been implemented since the time when Indira Gandhi was the prime minister of the country.

Speaking at the rally, Modi said, "There was a 20 point programme from the time of Mrs Indira Gandhi. Top 5 states in their implementation were BJP or NDA states. No Government ruled by Congress featured on top of the list. But instead of improving they stopped the evaluation."

Taking up the controversial issue of missing coal filed, Modi said, "There was a debate on coal files in Parliament, SC is also asking. Parliament is worried but people asking where is the Government."

"Government is lost, money is lost from the coffers, their honour is lost. Let each citizen, each youth take it on themselves, to uproot those who are ruining the nation. Embracing Sushasan is the need," claimed the Gujarat CM while urging the people to vote for Raman Singh in upcoming election.
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Our dream is to give jobs to youth, says Modi:
The Gujarat CM continued his speech saying, "The Supreme Court, that rebukes the Centre some day or the other praised Dr Raman Singh's initiative of giving food to the poor. This is a matter of pride for Chhattisgarh what Dr Raman Singh has done."

"He has given impetus to development. We always take best practices from other states. When we heard about PDS system we called their officers to teach us about it. Our dream is to give jobs to the youth. Our youth must get skill. See all BJP Govts, they are fulfilling the aspirations of the people," Modi added.

"See Shivraj ji, Raman Singh ji. Even see Goa, Himachal, Karnataka...we have not subjected Governance to political issues. I am sure you want Raman Singh ji to come...ensure none of our youth are left unregistered as voters," Said Modi.
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UPA does not know what Indians want, says Narendra Modi:
Continuing to slam Manmohan Singh-led UPA government, Modi said, "Common people are being effected by price rise. Children are weeping but the Government in Delhi is busy defining poverty. The Planning Commission headed by the PM says a poor can live with Rs 32 in a city and with Rs 27 in a village."

"Their leaders, Ministers, Spokespersons are saying in Rs 5 you will get whatever food you want. We do not want to be angry at this but I am concerned that such are the people sitting in Delhi that they do not know how much poor spend? They do not even know a Mother has to face so many problems to give two square meals to her children. Those who do not understand your pain, who can they cure it?"

"The government is insensitive and devoid of humanity. Despite all efforts, we do hear that voice and that is when we feel...these people. The person on whom the Congress is banking on said poverty is a state of mind. They are throwing acid on the wounds of the poor. Congress is so arrogant. When efforts are made to walk over the anger of the people, they use democracy to destroy the arrogance," added Modi.
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Manmohan Singh, a doctor of money, says Narendra Modi:
While beginning his speech, Narendra Modi showed his gratitude towards Raman Singh for his work in Chhattisgarh. Modi hailed former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee for creating Chhattisgarh, a separate state.

"I worked in undivided MP and I got to work in Chhattisgarh also. You want to see the work style of the BJP, their spirit see the creation of 3 states in 2000 and compare with what is happening in Andhra. When Telangana was announced there had to be curfews. This shows the working style of the Congress," said Modi.

Hurling his attack at Congress, the Gujarat CM said, "Arrogant Congress cannot have these values. Their arrogance is at the 7th level. Congress does not consider the people as citizens but as votebanks and that is how they treat them."

"Result is whatever they touch becomes dust, crisis increase and the problems of the people also increase. When Dr. Raman Singh became CM he has 2 ways - one to complain day & night, let Delhi give us something. Other option is to strengthen Chhattisgarh, take the path of development with youth, tribals," he added while speaking about his counterpart in Chhattisgarh.

"He did not wait for Delhi. Raman Singh ji decided, let Delhi do what it wants..we will do what we have to on the basis of what we have. It was tough. It is easy to go to Delhi and ask. Raman Singh ji did not do this at all. He fought but never bowed," added Modi.

"Delhi also has a Singh. Chhattisgarh also has a Singh. Both have completed 10 years. Both are Doctors also. Dr Raman Singh is a doctor of humans, Dr Manmohan Singh is a doctor or money," claimed Modi while sharpening his attack on the PM.
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Now Raajnath Singh attacks PM at 'Red Fort' in Chhattisgarh:
BJP President Rajnath Singh has been invited to address the people gathered at Ambikapur. Hailing Raman Singh and Modi, Rajnath Singh began his speech welcoming the "jana samudra".

"I have served as a CM too but the work done here (Chhattisgarh) is unimaginable," said Rajnath Singh while speaking about the works done by Raman Singh government in Chhattisgarh.

Rajnath Singh also added, "Some were skeptical about the creation of Chhattisgarh. But they never imagined the development that has happened here."

Criticising UPA government's failure to check price rise issues in the country, Rajnath Singh said, "As far as the Centre is concerned, you know how prices are rising. And the Centre has done this."

"If anything has reduced something today, it is the value of the life of the common man. What is the reason prices rise when the Congress comes to power? Prices of salt have increased," added the BJP President questioning the Centre led by Manmohan Singh.
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Raman Singh attacks Sonia Gandhi at 'Red Fort':
Raman Singh addresses the rally first. The CM spoke about food security bill, the much lauded bill of the state. He claimed that the bill gave nutrition as well.

Singh also spoke about the shortcomings in the Food Security Bill of the Centre, said it was no game changer. "PM ji, Sonia ji, you promised to bring down prices in 100 days. It has been 4.5 years," said the Chhattisgarh CM.

He also spoke about the development in Chhattisgarh in the last decade, including the awards the state has won. He said, "I told the people - your one vote can make a difference. It makes a Government, your blessings enabled me to serve you."
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Narendra Mod joins Vikas Yatra in 'Red Fort': Live Video
Chhattisgarh BJP cadres created a replica of Red Fort at the venue at Ambikapur. The rally has been called as "Vikas Yatra" (Development Rally), the concluding day of Raman Singh's election rally.

Watch Live Video here:

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Narendra Modi addresses Chhattisgarh from 'Red Fort':
Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP star campaigner finally reached Chhattisgarh where he would address a huge crowd at Ambikapur, about 250 km from state capital Raipur. Modi would campaign for Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh who is seeking a third term in upcoming assembly elections.

Modi, accompanied by Rajnath Singh and Raman Singh, was invited to the dais. The much awaited rally would begin shortly.
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