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Elections results prove that India is ready for reform, says Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived for the BJP parliamentary meeting to discuss the election results in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, where he was greeted by BJP president Amit Shah.

PM victory speech at BJP headquarters

Adressing to party workers at the BJP headquarters, Modi said that they had a part to play in the victories in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat. He also thanks the people of the two state for voting the party into power.

During UP elections it was said BJP would lose due to GST effect in urban areas, same was said in Gujarat elections and local body polls in Maharashtra.

''The results in Himachal Pradesh show that if you don't do development and are embroiled in all wrong acts then after five years, people will not accept you. In today's situation, when a government comes after five years is hailed as a miracle. Gujarat is an exception in terms of anti-incumbency. It has supported BJP and its allies since 1990s. Even after I left Gujarat, the party has managed to hold on the state,'' said Modi.

The Prime Minister said,''For me, Gujarat victory is a matter of personal happiness. Because usually parties lose after the leader move out. There were attempts to demoralise people. But I'm delighted that BJP workers have led Gujarat after I left my home state of Gujarat. Gujarat is still marching towards progress. I congratulate leaders of Gujarat BJP from the bottom of my heart. People of Gujarat were being targeted from all side. Hidden forcing were working for Congress. They were plotting to somehow remove Modi's party. They even mocked Vikas. India will never accept it.There might be people who would like to see BJP lose. But if a party keeps winning election after election, then they must recognise what people of India want.The truth is that since 2014 Lok Sabha election, this country is hungry for development. Whether you like BJP or not but no one will be allowed to derail India's development.''

Pm further said,''So many conspiracies were hatched in Gujarat by Congress, misinformation was being spread. People cannot bear if anyone makes fun of 'vikas'. The truth is that since 2014 Lok Sabha election, this country is hungry for development. Whether you like BJP or not but no one will be allowed to derail India's development. When India is voting for development election after election and we have a government which means well and has courage to take decision, which believes in collective leadership, which believes in Sabka Saath-Sabka Vikas... Then take today's verdict as another stamp by people of Gujarat and HP.''

''Some people tried to divide Gujarat on caste lines. They will still continue to do that. We need to unite and continue to be an example for the rest of the country. This is not an ordinary victory. It's special. Some people can't digest BJP victory, don't waste your time on them. Focus on New India by 2022,'' Modi said.

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