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ISIS is a marketing wonder- Exercise caution before crediting it

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New Delhi, June 14: A tweet by Mehdi Hassan a presenter on Al Jazeera read, " ISIS thrives on publicity and fear. Republicans and CNN spent the whole night publicising them and being afraid of them.

Job done." In this context one must also look at an article written Chris Doyle the director of the Council for Arab-British Understanding states, ISIS wants a five star ticket to publicity. It gets it."

Orlando shooting

Success lies in propaganda and this is exactly what the outfit thrives on. 90 per cent of their beheading videos are fake. Their clarion calls for establishing a Caliphate is laughed upon by the sensible Muslim.

The ISIS was quick to take responsibility for the Orlando incident in the United States of America and why not, it was a major event and signals their arrival at the most powerful country in the world.

ISIS designs currency for Jammu and Kashmir ISIS designs currency for Jammu and Kashmir

Credit with caution:

The experts believe that the FBI was right in not immediately attributing the attack to the ISIS. The ISIS believes in a cost effective way of spreading terror. They are happier claiming credit for attacks carried out by lone wolves who do not depend on the outfit for funds, arms or logistics.

It is clear from the Orlando incident that the entire operation was planned by Mateen Omar. However he did the ISIS a favour by calling 911 that fateful morning and pledging his allegiance to the outfit.

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, it was found that all the terrorists were associated with the ISIS. However the entire planning and execution was carried out by the terrorists involved in the attack.

They need to approach the high command for funds or arms. What the ISIS believes in is running the group in auto pilot mode when it comes to operations outside of Syria and Iraq. The youth who are radicalised on the net form a module on their own and plan attacks.

All they need to do is credit the ISIS at the end of an attack and the outfit is happy with just that.

ISIS celebrated death of VHP leader Ashok Singhal ISIS celebrated death of VHP leader Ashok Singhal

The Orlando attack clearly shows that Omar was self radicalised. He just believed in the ideology and decided to credit the outfit. The experts feel that the ISIS will claim credit for any attack in the US or Europe, but one must exercise caution while trusting them.

If intelligence and investigating agencies go with the flow and blame the ISIS for the heck of it, it does the outfit more good as such publicity helps them rope in more radicals.

A marketing wonder:

The ISIS since day one has been a marketing wonder. The call for the Caliphate their biggest advertisement which led to many believing that the ISIS was the true answer to Islam. The second gimmick were the Jihadi John videos in which brutality was painted all over.

In addition to this there were other gimmicks of photographs with children holding guns being circulated. Officials say that 90 per cent is propaganda and fake.

What the ISIS has managed to do is capture the imagination of several youth. There is a very rosy picture painted by the ISIS. They sell the dreams of a Caliphate and also the imposition of the Sharia law.

ISIS is a marketing wonder

The ISIS like the al-Qaeda has also set up a studio with state of the art cameras where beheading videos are shot. Most of them are gimmicks and meant to breed fear. For a radical mind, it is brutality that attracts.

For the ISIS, it is more important to be in the news. Its members are extremely active on the social media. All day long they speak of propaganda and brutality.

If one were to look at the some of the cases against this outfit being investigated, it clearly shows that there is there is a lot of talking and planning. An NIA officer says, the bigger danger that the ISIS poses is taking over the minds of youth and turning it radical.

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