Ishteshadi is what the Indians in the ISIS are training for today

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New Delhi, Nov 16: The Paris attack was carried out a group of men who were trained in a concept known as Ishteshadi, a terminology used by the ISIS for "fight unto death." This is a training programme that is imparted for those recruits who are trained to carry out attacks and is very similar to the Fidayeen style of attacks that is practiced by groups such as the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

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While one got to witness what the Ishteshadi force was capable of in Paris, India has a great cause for concern. All Indians who are now being recruited into the ISIS are being trained in the Isheteshadi form of warfare.

Paris attack: What is Ishteshadi force

This form of training is imparted for those who are selected to carry out attacks on foreign soil such as the one we witnessed in Paris.

All Indians now part of the Isheteshadi force:
Going by the data that has been collected by the investigating agencies such as the National Investigation Agency, it becomes clear that the Paris attackers were trained in the Ishteshadi form of attacks. India has also learnt that the Indians now being recruited into the ISIS are also being trained in similar warfare and this gives an indication that they would be kept on standby until told to launch an attack on a foreign soil.

The Ishteshadi form of warfare means fight unto death. The equipment provided to the Jihadis who are training in Ishteshadi is a suicide vest, an AK-47 rifles and hand grenades. A typical attack would involve first hurling the grenade in a bid to chase the security forces in that direction. Then it would include opening fire on the crowd and finally when the end is nearing the attacker would blow himself up.

Shaheen Tanki was an Ishteshadi trained fighter:
Investigators have learnt that Shaheen Tanki one of the four youth who joined the ISIS was a trained Ishteshadi fighter. He had left his home town of Kalyan in Maharashtra to join the ISIS in Iraq.

He underwent Ishteshadi training for four months. Indian officials feel that such training is imparted so that they can be launched into India to carry out a strike similar to the one we witnessed in Mumbai on 26/11 or the one in Paris.

Lashkar's Fidayeen is ISIS' Ishteshadi:
Officials say that there is a similarity between the Fidayeen and Ishteshadi attacks. It is a similar form of warfare but with two different names. The Lashkar and the Taliban calls its Fidayeen or sucide attacks while the ISIS and the al-Qaeda refers to it as the Ishteshadi.

However the worry for India is that more Indians are now being trained in this form of warfare. The youth who join the ISIS are all not roped in to train for the Ishteshadi style of war. There are only a select few. Areeb Majeed who was one of the youth who joined the ISIS from Kalyan along with Tanki was not imparted this training.

The ISIS analysis each person and only those capable of surviving a hard battle is imparted this training. The rest are given odd jobs such as logistics and cleaning as was reported in the case of Majeed.

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