Indians in ISIS: NIA recommends minor punishments

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New Delhi, Sept 1: India which is dealing with the threat posed by the ISIS has often been in two minds about the cases to be slapped on those trying to join the outfit.

The Government has very often maintained that punishment for those youth trying to join the outfit can never be a deterrent and hence such persons ought to be counseled.

Indians in IS: NIA recommends penalty

The National Investigating Agency which has been investigating the case of Areeb Majeed, the youth who returned after spending time with the ISIS, however, feels that smaller punishments ought to be imposed.

The NIA has suggested to the Ministry of Home Affairs certain recommendations while dealing with those cases pertaining to the youth trying to join outfits such as the al-Qaeda or the ISIS.

Smaller punishment needed to deter youth:

The NIA feels that smaller punishments ought to be imposed so that it acts as a deterrent. There needs to be some fear in the minds of those youth who try and join the outfit, the NIA feels.

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The NIA has suggested that Section 153 A of the Indian Penal Code must be slapped in such cases. The section deals with promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc and is punishable with an imprisonment of 3 years.

The NIA has further suggested that arrests should be made under Section 151 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Under this provision an arrest can be made without an order from the Magistrate and also without a warrant if the officer feels that the offence cannot be prevented.

Study flying pattern:

In the West if anyone is found flying to the Middle East, he is immediately red flagged. However, in India the same approach cannot be adopted since there are many frequent flyers to the Middle East. The NIA feels that the Bureau of Immigration should be roped in to study such passengers who fly to the Middle East.

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Although, it is not recommended that anyone and everyone flying to the Middle East must be red flagged, the NIA suggests that the flying pattern of persons should be studied. Based on the flying pattern, the Bureau of Immigration can report it in case they find anything suspicious.

Home Ministry to take a final call:

The Home Minstry is expected to take a final call on these recommendations. IT would call for a meeting before it could decide on whether the recommendations made by the NIA can be implemented or not. The Home Ministry is however not in favour of slapping penal provisions on those attempting to join the ISIS as it has always taken a view that punishment does not act as a deterrent.

The Home Ministry had recently called for a meeting of the police chiefs of 12 states to discuss the ISIS issue. It was found that there are 11 Indians currently with the ISIS. Last year, the figure was 20, but now it is found that 8 have died in battle.

The Home Ministry had also suggested to the 12 states that they should focus more on counseling the youth who attempt to join international terror organizations. Rope in the elders and speak to the youth and make sure that they return to that path, the Home Ministry had also recommended.

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