In Bengaluru, a silent protest grows: Beda Siddaramaiah, steel flyover beda!

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There is a huge momentum growing against the proposed steel flyover by the Karnataka government. As per the proposal a steel flyover would be constructed from Chalukya circle to Hebbal in Bengaluru. This 1,800 crore project will cost the Garden City of Bengaluru 862 trees.


Even as the proposal was made, there was a hue and cry from the civic society of Bengaluru who have now decided to oppose this project tooth and nail. Letters are being written to the CM urging him not to go ahead with this project. However the government insists that this project will ease out traffic. Further the government assures that for every tree lost 10 saplings would be planted.

Growing momentum against the project:

On Sunday as part of the protest, a human chain will be formed. This protest would include freedom fighters, legislators and several activists. This would be a silent protest with the campaign slogan, "Beda" (Don't want). The meeting points would be at the Chalukya, BDA junction, Mekhri circle and Cauvery theatre.

Organisers of the protest say that there will be a huge number of people who would turn up. The message would be conveyed to the government in a silent manner and we hope that they hear our pleas, the organisers and activists say.

A blatant lie:

In the backdrop of this protest, former law minister of Karnataka, Suresh Kumar has written a scathing letter to the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah opposing the project. He makes some very interesting and valid points in his letter.

He says that there has been no public hearing on this massive project. He points out that the Supreme Court had made it clear that public hearing is a must before such projects are implemented. He says that there are alternate solutions to the traffic problem, but due to vested interests these suggestions are not reaching the government.

While pointing out to the felling of the trees, he says that the promise of planting saplings will never be fulfilled. He says that the promise that 10 saplings will be planted per tree felled is a nonsensical lie. The former minister reminds the government about the Bengaluru-Mysuru road widening project. Thousands of trees were felled the promise that saplings will be planted was never fulfilled he says.

While pointing out to the budget of 1,800 crore for this project he says many are looking at it with suspect. He feels that there is a hidden agenda behind this huge cost. To put it straight it is a contractor oriented and election fund oriented project, Suresh Kumar also says.

He says that the BJP supports the movement against this flyover. If the human chain to be organised this Sunday is ignored then it could prove very costly for the government. He demands that no further steps are taken without according an opportunity to the citizens.

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