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In Balakot hit, JeM lost a training camp, seminary and two rooms that accommodated terrorists


New Delhi, Mar 09: The Indian Air Force which hit the Balakot terror facility of the Jaish-e-Mohammad managed to destroy four targets that were intended to be hit.

In Balakot hit, JeM lost a training camp, seminary and two rooms that accommodated terrorists

Sources tell OneIndia that the targets that were hit included the training complex, a seminary and two halls that accommodated the terrorists. While the Research and Analysis Wing had mapped the entire Balakot facility several years back, the IAF went in for a precision strike. The intent was hit the selected four targets, the source added.

India has carried out 3 air strikes in last 5 years: Rajnath Singh

By March 2 2019, India had gathered sufficient evidence that suggested the targets identified at the Balakot facility had been hit as intended. Evidence in the form of satellite imagery had been collected, which clearly suggested that the buildings that were identified had been hit. Further it was said that the buildings were hit by 5 S-2000 precision guided munition that were fired from the Mirage 2000.

The evidence that was collected us under the classified category and it was entirely up to the government whether or not to release the information. India collected evidence in the form of Synthetic Aperture Radar, which suggested that the four buildings that were selected as targets were hit.

Further, following the strike, Pakistan took journalists to the spot and were selectively shown around. No journalist was allowed into the facility, Indian officials have learnt. Moreover the JeM facility was not accessible to anyone, officials also said.

Further there have been questions about the scale of destruction. India says that the S-2000 smart bombs penetrates the targets and causes a blast inside.

The Indian Air Force has collected from independent sources satellite imagery of the site to assess the impact and the same has been handed over to the government.

Not just Balakot, IAF was ready to hit JeM chief's home at Bahawalpur too

The government was given on Sunday all the "evidence" of the February 26 strike on the JeM camp, including radar and satellite imagery, which showed that the S-2000 laser-guided munition hit the intended targets causing significant "internal damage."

On February 26, in a pre-dawn operation, the IAF struck at the Balakot camp in Pakistan.

While many have sought for proof regarding the strike, officials have said that one must also take into consideration the message that this hit has sent to Pakistan. Would Pakistan have reacted the very next day had these targets on their soil not been hit asks former officer with the Research and Analysis Wing, Amar Bhushan.

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