If Mohammad Naved is a juvenile, he needs to prove it

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Jammu, Aug 6: If Mohammad Naved is a juvenile then it is he who has to prove it. Naved who was arrested on Wednesday, Aug 5 following the Udhampur attack in Jammu and Kashmir has told the police that he is 16 years old. The police however say that he is lying.

The police say that his appearance suggests he is above 18. Moreover when he was first questioned after his arrest, he himself had told us that he was 20 years old, an officer informed.

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Terrorist needs to prove he's a juvenile

Let him prove his age

The police say that it is a clear case of contradiction. He desperately wants to get out of custody and return home. At first he told us he was 20 years old and as the investigation progressed he reduced his age by four years. We clearly believe that the second version is a lie, an officer said.

Moreover if Naved wants to prove that he is 16 years old then he should give us documentary evidence of the same. He can source his birth certificate from his father Yusuf Mohammad in Pakistan. We will help him with the process if he says he can get his birth certificate for us, the officer pointed out.

Before he set out from Pakistan, he may have been told by his mentors/handlers that in India a juvenile cannot be punished under the Indian Penal Code. He was clearly confused when he was arrested and blurted out his real age. Later on he realized that he should lie about his age so that he gets away.

Pakistan mum on incident

The Pakistan media in particular has blacked out this news all together. They had come under severe flak the last time when they reported about the arrest of Ajmal Kasab and even went on to confirm his nationality. All those media channels were branded as anti national.

This time around the media houses have been careful and not given out any information about the attack. Only Hamid Gul, the former ISI chief told a news channel yesterday that this arrest was fake and a ploy of the Indian spy agencies. He had also said, " solve the Kashmir issue or attack Pakistan and be done with it."

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