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How to Plan a Trip Even when you are on a Budget?

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    Vacation is fun, but the huge expenses associated with it often makes it difficult for you to plan for it. Over that, if you have tight monthly budgets, it becomes a real tough job. However, there are a number of inexpensive ways which can help you travel the world conveniently, that too, without exceeding your budget. Yes, you heard it right! Just by making a few changes in your spending habits and lifestyle you can satisfy the gypsy-soul within you.

    How to Plan a Trip Even when you are on a Budget?

    Here is a list of a few easy ideas to help you plan an exciting trip in your budget:

    Arrange for funds out of your budget

    The first and foremost thing to plan before setting for a tour is the budget. Since you are planning a tour without affecting your budget, the best idea is to arrange for funds from outside. By doing this, you can stay stress-free as you needn't spend anything from your available budget. Moreover, you will have a control on your budget since you would know how much you have and how much you should spend.

    If you are wondering how to manage fund out of your budget, the best way to is to finance your tour with the help of a low-interest quick personal loan. Apply for as much as you want, and spend wisely without affecting your personal budget.

    Plan your budget-tour during the off-season

    Consider traveling during the off season, provided you can manage your leaves (if you are a working professional). Right from accommodation to transportation, foods to other charges, everything will be lesser during this time.

    Start planning the vacation early and pick up a time when the rates in the tourist spot will be low. In case you have plans to visit any of the tropical places, schedule that trip for the month of March instead of January or February. Moreover, avoid making any travel plans during the end of the year as that time the cost of traveling will be too high.

    Save money by overnight traveling

    Overnight travelling is an awesome idea to save a good amount of money while you are traveling on budget. If you reach a place early, then make plans to travel to the next scheduled destination overnight. In this way, you can save the accommodation cost that you would have otherwise spent while staying in some pricey hotel.

    Furthermore, if you travel during the night and reach a place early in the morning, you will get more time to relax and take rest. This will give increased zeal and energy to explore the place in a better way. However, while you are making the plan, make sure to book your buses or trains in advance as you mightn't get booking for the same at the last moment.

    Make use of public or personal transport while travelling

    Though many people don't want to compromise with the comfort factor, when you are on budget tour, traveling in personal/public vehicle is a highly cost-effective option. If you can compromise a little by making use of the public transport instead of booking cabs and other costlier transportation mode you can save good amount of money. Private cabs and chauffeured cars are quite costly and not a suitable choice to opt for when you are on a budget tour. Instead when you opt for public vehicles you need to pay less leading to great savings.

    Travelling in your own vehicle is another cool idea to save money when you are traveling within the country. If you travel in your own car, you can plan the budget in a better way as you will know the actual fuel cost and the distance travelled. Moreover, since you will be driving, there will be no rentals and driver's cost. Don't worry if you don't have a car of your own, either rent a vehicle or consider buying one through the cheapest car loan offers.

    Consider traveling through group tour packages

    While going for sightseeing, instead of hiring private vehicles, it is a wiser option to book a seat in a couch tour or a group tour that are arranged by the hotels or travel agencies.

    As you will be traveling in groups, you need to pay less and this helps you to save a lot of money during your trip. Furthermore, most of these tours include the entry-fee of the tourist attractions and some even bear the cost of the food. So, make sure to book seats in such organised tours instead of going for individual bookings. Also, in order to save more, book the seats at the last moment, say on the previous day, as the booking agencies offer such unreserved seats at a very low price 24 hours before the tour.

    Have food in restaurants far from tourist places

    The restaurants which serve food near the tourist areas are extremely overpriced and buying food from such places will cost you a bomb. So, it is better that you avoid such eateries and
    go to places which are not so close to the tourist area. There you will be able to get food at a comparatively lower price than the over-priced restaurants that are located near the popular tourist destinations. As added perk, you can savour your food in peace when you eat in such small restaurants away from the crowd and all hustle and bustle. To be on the safer side, make sure to buy health insurance policies before setting off on the trip.

    Pay visits to tourist places during the free-days

    Some tourist places such as museums, zoos, amusement parks, heritage sites etc. have special days when they either allow free entry to the visitors for a certain time period or give discounts on the entry charge. So, at first, check the websites of the tourist attractions of the place which you are going to visit in order to know about the free-entry timings and then make plans to go to the spots only during the days when they are free or there are discounts on the prices.

    Try sharing accommodation with fellow travellers

    This idea is perfect for individuals who are travelling alone. Instead of booking an entire room, if you share the room with any fellow traveller then you can save quite a lot on the accommodation cost.

    Couch-surfing is another inexpensive hotel alternative which you can opt for to get cheap accommodation. If you consider couch-surfing, you can use the spare room or bed of stranger at a relatively lower cost or even free at times. In case you are worrying about your personal safety as well as your belongings, get yourself covered with a travel insurance to have a tension-free stay, check it here, The above-mentioned less-practiced ways will not only help you save huge money on your trip but will enable you to see the world from a different perspective. This doesn't require any calculative skills or practical training, just a few changes in the way of traveling and a zeal to see the world in a different way . So, start packing your travel bags right away!

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