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How Muslim men divorce their wives

By Vicky

The Supreme Court on Tuesday struck down instant triple talaq or talaq-e-biddat as unconstitutional. While the verdict was pertinent only to talaq-e-biddat or instant triple talaq, it would not be applicable to the other forms of divorce in the Muslim community.

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How Muslim men divorce their wives
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    Here are the other ways in which Muslim men divorce their wives:


    Here divorce is by mutual consent. The proposal for a divorce could originate from either sides. Under this process when a proposal is made from either sides, all mutual obligations and rights come to an end. Under this comes the Khula and talaq.

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    Khula is when the wife initiates the divorce. Once she does that the mehr or a payment made at the time of the time of the marriage must be returned by the husband.

    Under talaq the husband initiates the divorce. A talaq pronounced under compulsion, coercion, undue influence, fraud or voluntary intoxication is considered void. A talaq may be oral or in writing. Under this comes the Talaq Ahsan, Talaq Hasan and the Talaq-i-Biddat.

    Talaq Ahsan:

    This is a single pronouncement of talaq which is followed by abstinence of 90 days. The 90-day period is known as iddat. Divorce is revoked if the couple cohabit within those 90-days. If not, the divorce goes through and is irrevocable.

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    Talaq Hasan:

    Here there are three pronouncements of talaq 1 each in 3 successive months (menstrual cycles) with abstinence throughout that period. If the husband says Talaq but the reconcile within the first month, talaq is revoked. If the husband doesn't follow up by pronouncing talaq in the following month, the divorce is again considered void. And the same goes for the third month. The husband will have to pronounced talaq for three consecutive months for, divorce to be irrevocable.


    This is the instant talaq which was struck down by the Supreme Court. Here is talaq is pronounced three times and the divorce is done. It can be done through a letter, phone call and in today's age messaging too.

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