How import of almonds funds cross-border terror

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Investigators have stumbled upon crucial evidence regarding terror funding along the Line of Control through the sale of dry fruits and food products. The modus operandi adopted by terror groups in selling products at a higher cost and using the profits to fund subversive activities in India was discovered by the National Investigation Agency.

Border Security Force personnel patrolling along the border. Photograph for representation only.

It was found that cross-border traders had been tapped by terror groups to help raise funds for terror activities in Jammu and Kashmir. Investigators were stumped to find out that terror funding continued unabated despite the decision on demonetisation wiping out the fake currency network.

The NIA has found that a food item would be imported from Pakistan at a very low price and then sold at double the amount in India. For instance, Californian almonds would be imported by the trader at Rs 350 a kilogram and then sold at Rs 700 in the Indian market. The profit investigators say would be used to fund terror.

There is a select network of traders that the terror groups have tapped into to further their agenda. These traders work under terror groups such as the Hizbul Mujahideen and the Lashkar-e-Tayiba, an NIA official informed.

The NIA has also found a list of 21 items that are being imported by traders from Pakistan at a very low cost. Out of this the highest profit margin is for the California almond which sells at double the cost in India, the NIA official also informed.

NIA officials say that they are currently examining documents that have been seized from the Trade Facilitation Centres located at Salamabad in Uri and Chakkan-da-Bagh in Poonch district. These documents would help the agency get a better picture of how cross border trade is funding terror activities in India.

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