How fighting the Boko Haram can weaken the D-Syndicate

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New Delhi, Oct 28: Help us fight the Boko Haram was one of the requests made by the African nations to India. The Boko Haram which is today a partner of the dreaded ISIS is a major concern not just for Africa, but India as well.

While the activities of the Boko Haram in Africa have only become stronger over the years, the tie up with the ISIS has made the outfit even more lethal. India has a lot to gain when it teams up with Africa to fight the Boko Haram.

How Boko Haram can weaken D-Syndicate

The members of this dreaded outfit are locked in a deal with the Dawood Ibrahim syndicate to supply drugs in India which is a major money spinner for the terrorist outfit.

How fighting Boko Haram will weaken the D-Gang:

There are a few facts one must know about how the Boko Haram is operating in India. Their business in India is purely related to drugs and the Indian Intelligence Bureau has marked at least 2,000 Nigerians living in India for suspicious activities being conducted at the behest of the Boko Haram.

An Intelligence Bureau report of 2014 states that it was Dawood Ibrahim's brother, Anees Ibrahim who brokered a deal with Abu Bakr Shekau, the Boko Haram chief to supply drugs in India. The D gang sought the help of the Boko Haram chief to peddle drugs in India and both Shekau and Ibrahim agreed to enter into a tie up.

In 2013 there was a major crack down on several Nigerians in Goa for selling drugs. These peddlers were in need of protection and felt the need to operate under the umbrella of a syndicate rather than individually. In this context it had become easy for the D Gang and the Boko Haram to step in and ensure that the peddlers were protected.

Drugs a major money spinner:

The drug racket is one of the biggest money spinners for both the underworld and terrorist groups. It was the extensive network that Dawood has where drug peddling is concerned which earned him a high up place in the ISI circles in Pakistan.

The deal with the Boko Haram only ensured that Dawood had an ally who would help peddle drugs in Africa and India. Moreover the Boko Haram too since 2013 has relied most on the drug mafia to raise funds.

Now that India has agreed to help Africa combat the menace of the Boko Haram by providing expertise in counter insurgency operations, it could spell some amount of trouble to the D Syndicate as well.

India and Africa can share information in real time about the activities of both the Boko Haram and the D Syndicate which would help curb the smuggling of drugs.

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