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Help Children Break The Chains Of Hunger, Donate To Annamrita!

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Meenakshi is a 9-year-old girl. She loves to play with her friends but at times she can't because she needs to help her mother, Lakshmi who works as a maid. Lakshmi works daily from early morning to late evening and even on Sundays to manage her day-to-day living. She sometimes brings leftovers from her boss' house but at times she has to arrange food for herself and her daughter.

Help Children Break The Chains Of Hunger, Donate To Annamrita!

Being a single mother, Lakshmi works from day to night and has a lot of workload. So because of her high workload, Meenakshi accompanies her mother most of the time and has no time to go to school. Meenakshi's childhood is fading away. Is it her fault? Or is it her mother's fault?

Thanks to her luck, one of the bosses of Lakshmi was associated with the National Child Labour Project (NCLP) and told the NCLP team about her situation. Now, Meenakshi studies in a local government school and goes to the school daily. She has made new friends and enjoys the delicious mid-day meal provided by Annamrita. This mid-day meal fulfils her daily nutritional requirement and relieves her mother's workload. Lakshmi now finishes her daily work before evening and even gets time to spend with her precious daughter. Meenakshi hopes to become a teacher one day and relieve her mother of her work. Annamrita feeds thousands of such children and helps to prevent families like this from the vicious cycle of poverty.

Many children like Meenakshi are trapped within the chains of child labour and have to work in order to meet the daily needs of their family. Such kids have been inducted in the schools under the National Child Labour Project and we at Annamrita, serve these children mid-day meal which for some of them is their sole meal for the day.

Help children like Meenakshi to fight child labour and break the chains of hunger. Do not leave children at the hands of labour! If you look around, you will witness many children like Meenakshi whose family is deprived, struggling and may be dying because of hunger. Give these children the joy of thanking you.

With the motto, "no child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger", Annamrita has stepped up and is fighting for the cause. Now, it's your turn!! Give a moment and help these children. Skip a luxury meal and contribute to children like Meenakshi. The cost of one luxury meal won't make much of a difference to you but it would help us provide a one-time meal to 10 children.

Make a contribution and build someone's future.

You can even get a 50% tax exemption under section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act.

Ten Children - INR 4,500
One Classroom - INR. 13,500 (30 children)
Three Classrooms - INR. 40,500 (90 children)
One Primary School - INR. 45,000 (100 children)
Two Primary Schools - INR - 90,000 (200 children)
One Government School - INR. 2,50,000

Contribute Now!!

About Annamrita

Annamrita strives to provide "unlimited food for education" and bring in more and more children to schools and give them the opportunity to receive the goodness of education. With the aim to become the basis for eradication of hunger and illiteracy across India, this programme is strategically aimed at providing a healthy, nutritious and a pure wholesome meal. In the pursuit for a healthy meal, the child attends the school and in turns gets the education and therefore becomes a viable asset to the country's future.

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