Here is what BJP's numbers in the Rajya Sabha will be in 2020

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The numbers in the Rajya Sabha have been a worry for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. The lack of numbers has slowed down many of its legislations such as the GST and land acquisition amendments. The year 2018 would see the party's numbers improving largely.

Here is what BJP's numbers in the Rajya Sabha will be in 2020

Although the National Democratic Alliance will still not have a majority, it would manage the floor with the help of the AIADMK which currently has 13 seats. As of now, the NDA's tally stands at 77, while the UPA has 84. Other parties together have 82.

The big win in Uttar Pradesh will help the BJP improve its tally in the upper house. UP contributes 31 seats. In 2018, there will be elections to 10 seats and the BJP will get 7 out of these. The overall tally in the RS for the NDA will go up by 18 in 2018. These would include seats from Goa and Manipur. The UPA, on the other hand, would witness a drop of 18 seats.

In 2018, the NDA's strength would be at 95, while the UPA would have 66. The other parties would hold 84 seats. Till 2019-2020, the BJP would still have to depend on the AIADMK, TMC and SP to pass bills in the Rajya Sabha.

By 2020, the NDA would see a major improvement in the Rajya Sabha. If it continues its winning streak in the future assembly elections in Karnataka and Gujarat. If there is no change in the predictions, then the BJP by 2020 could end up with 81 seats alone. Its allies would contribute 31 seats thus taking the NDA's tally to 111. The Congress is likely to have just 28 seats in the Rajya Sabha. The UPA's tally would be at 56. The rest of the parties would have a tally of 78.

While the tally would still be short in the 245 member house, the BJP would however, find it easier to pass bills. It would still need the support of regional parties. For the BJP, even in 2020, the best bet among the regional parties would be the AIADMK, which would have 12 seats.

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