OneIndia survey- Has the common man benefited from demonetisation? Majority say yes

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Bengaluru, Nov 25: There has been a lot of hype and debate around the decision taken by the government on demonetisation. While the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi assured that this move would help the nation a great deal.

However the question is being asked is how will this help the common man? OneIndia undertook one of the biggest online surveys to find out. The question asked was How exactly has demonetisation helped the common man.

Has demonetisation helped the common man

The options were, "it has not helped the common man and it is going to help the common man in the long run''.

A majority of the respondents said that this move would help the common man. 59.3 per cent felt that the common man would benefit. 40.7 per cent however felt that this move would not help the common man.

In just over 24 hours since the survey was launched, a whopping 31,194 respondents took part in the exercise.

According to the data, more than 59.3 percent (18,503) of the respondents feel that the demonetisation move has helped the common man in long run. Whereas, 40.7 percent (12691) of them feels that it has has not helped the common man and has made the queues longer at banks.

OneIndia conducted a survey to find out if the government was well prepared to face the situation in the aftermath of demonetisation. The survey was carried in English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali and Gujarati and 31,198 people participated in the survey.

This is one of the biggest online polls and we are giving you the results of survey.

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