Has Smriti got 'facts' wrong on Vemula in her fiery speech in LS?

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Telangana/New Delhi, Feb 25: Putting up emotional face coupled with aggressive eyes, the HRD Minister Smriti Irani countered the allegations of the opposition in Rohith Vemula's case by delivering a speech on the floor of the house (Lok Sabha) which she claimed she was refuting the opposition charges by presenting the 'facts'.

Irani said "the Telangana police had informed the High Court of the state that no doctor was allowed near body of Rohith Vemula". No doctor went near the body until 6.30 am the next day. The Minister told this in the LS as BJP MPs clapped to her statement.

Smriti Irani and Rohith Vemula

Irani quoting the Telangana police report said "According to a report submitted to the Telangana high court, the police had reached Rohith's hostel at 7:20 pm when they found the body. The police said that when they reached the hostel, they found the room open and the dead body was on the table. A hand written suicide note was found. The suicide note that was left behind does not blame anyone. This is not my submission. This is what the police said."

Further reading the document said ""No one allowed a doctor near this child, to revive this child. Instead, his body was used as a political tool. No police was allowed till 6:30 am the following morning. Who tried to help this child? The ones who passed judgement are not the ones appointed by the BLP- led NDA but by the Congress party."

Astonishingly her fact (as she climed) on Rohith Vemula case appears to be bombed. The HRD Minister charged the opposition, mainly Left and the Congress parties of using the dead body of Rohith Vemula as a 'political tool'.

What could come as embarrassing for the Minister and the BJP is the statement of the doctor on duty, Chief Medical Officer of the Hyderabad Central University M Rajashree. The statement of this doctor who attended the body of Dalit research scholar contradicts the statement of Smriti Irani made in the parliament which is 'temple of democracy' according to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Statement of doctor who attended Vemula's body contradicts Irani

In a brief telephonic interview with OneIndia M Rajashree wondered as to how Irani made such statement. The doctor said security officials found the body in New Research Scholars hostel room ( room no 207). "I got a call on January 17, informing about the incident at around 7.20 - 7.30, following I rushed to the spot in a matter of 3 to 4 minutes."

Rajashree continued, "I met group of students in the lobby of the hostel and I was accompanied to the spot by the students." By the time doctor reached the spot the body was removed from the ceiling fan. "I examined Rohith Vemula and after 10 minutes we declared him dead," Rajashree confirmed.

Immediately after learning Vemula was dead, the same was informed to the Vice Chancellor of the Hyderabad Central University. "The VC inquired on the possibility of reviving the body but I informed it is not possible," doctor divulged.

This was reported to the local police. The Doctor said same statements were recorded in the police record. The minutes of the examination of the body has been recorded even in the health book.

Rajashree said the body was cold, bloody abdomen, protruding tongue, froth coming out of the mouth. There was no sound of breathing and no heart sound. The police were present all through examination of the body, Rajashree added.

When asked about Irani's statement, Rajashree wondered how she made such statement. "I don't know weather she lied or not but what I have said is the fact and the same was recorded by the police."

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