Gurdaspur attack planned between July 15 and 18

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New Delhi, July 29: The planning for the Gurdaspur attack took place somewhere between July 15 and 18, investigations have revealed.

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The three terrorists who are believed to be part of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba had entered into India on Sunday night before launching the attack at Gurdaspur on Monday at around 4.45 AM.

Pun: Attack planned between July 15-18

The GPS sets which are being analysed show that the route or the coordinates were fed into it on July 21. The terrorists may started out from Pakistan by July 26th before they finally made their entry into India on July 26th.

The planning of the attack:

Investigations show that the planning for the attack could have commenced on July 15th itself. The Pakistan based terrorists groups have plenty of operatives who are kept on stand by mode and sent across to India when the need arises.

The Lashkar may have used its local contacts either in Jammu and Kashmir or Punjab to pick out the targets for them.

The terrorists who staged the attack probably were coming to India for the first time. They were given three targets, but investigations would show that they picked the first target available. It is was more like a hit and run attack, investigators say.

There are two possibilities that are being discussed for the reason of the attack. The first being an attempt to derail the talks between India and Pakistan. The second reason could be an attempt to set up a module in Punjab and further operations in India.

However looking at the manner in which the attack was planned and executed it appears to be a hurried one with an intention of derailing the talks between the two countries.

Powerful bombs:

The terrorists had not attempted to make any demand. They had not even attempted to take anyone hostage and drag the attack on. During the course of the attack it became extremely clear that the terrorists were in India on a death mission. There were no attempts made to negotiate with the Indian forces.

The Indian forces on the other hand dragged the operation on for 11 hours in a bid to try and capture at least one of the terrorists alive. A live terrorist is always a hub of information. However it became extremely clear that the terrorists were part of a deadly fidayeen squad.

The bombs that they planted on the railway tracks before carrying out the attack were extremely powerful in nature. Laden with RDX there were at least nine bombs that were found on the railway track which is 5 kilometres away from Dinanagar.

The terrorists expected that the bombs would explode which would cause a distraction. This would then given them time to take position and stage the attack.

The security forces can consider themselves lucky that the bombs did not explode. These were not attached to timer devices. Instead they were meant to explode due to pressure. The terrorists expected that a train would run over the bombs on the track thus causing the explosion.

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