Diwali Dhamaka: Now Modi bombs dominate cracker market, outweighs Priyanka Gandhi

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Narendra Modi bomb
It's like Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the flavour of the season. Though it is nothing new and it has been quite some time now since run upto the Lok sabha election when Modimania gripped the country. That is why people gave BJP unexpected mandate in Lok Sabha election.

That is the matter of the past now and currently the Modi-led troops are reveling for big bang victory in the assembly elections. It is well known fact that Modi has much larger fan following than any of the other current Congress leaders. The Congress vice-president is way behind BJP's warrior Modi.

Modi bombs outweigh Priyanka, Mery Kom

At a time when Congress workers and many of its leaders are clamoring to bring back Priyanka Gandhi in the party, this news will surely be a big blow to them.

After dominating the political pitch, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reportedly is ruling the cracker markets. Ahead of Diwali, the Modi bomb is much in demand. Most interesting thing is Modi bomb has outweighed Priyanka Gandhi's 'fuljhari'.

Though other celebrities are also ruling the market, but the bomb on the name of Prime Minister has outweighs them all. According to a report, in Allahabad people are going mad over that specific brand cracker while others traditional brands are not at all luring the people. The peole of all section children to old age group all are demanding the Modi bomb. The suppliers reportedly are unable to full the unexpected demand of the people.

Other crackers which are getting preference are Mery Kom Anar and Mangalyaan(MOM) rocket.

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