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Dilli Gupshup: Even the BJP leader feels Congress winning in Madhya Pradesh


New Delhi, Nov 30: The story is written on the wall in Madhya Pradesh where it has been realized even by the BJP leaders when he congratulated a Congress leader. The election is costing too much for the lawyer politicians with the money while it is costing bureaucrats with their sleep in Uttar Pradesh. Is arm twisting a reality for political rivals? Some interesting read...

Dilli Gupshup: Even the BJP leader feels Congress winning in Madhya Pradesh

Even the BJP leader believes Congress is winning in Madhya Pradesh

It seems to be written on the wall as even a senior BJP leader feels that the Congress is forming the government in Madhya Pradesh. One of the former chief ministers of Madhya Pradesh told one of the very senior Congress leaders that now you will be a minister in the government as the Congress is coming to power in the state. So the BJP appears to have conceded defeat in the state before results are declared with party workers failing to turn up on the day of voting. Though the result will be declared on December 11 but the BJP leaders keeping the Congress leaders in good humour so their work is done even if the government changes.

Non-resident Rajasthani workers of the BJP to take care of 10 households in Rajasthan polls

Lawyer-politicians want freedom from the election campaign

Lawyer-politicians had a tough time during the Assembly elections and even now they are having a tough time as they don't want to go for election campaigning in Rajasthan saying that not a single vote will improve by their going to Rajasthan. One of the senior Congress leaders was of the view that court dates have to be managed and the expenses of the office and salary of workers and many other things have to be taken care of. Moreover, not much difference will it make by his going to any state in terms of vote. But high commands orders have to be obeyed as they too have to go for electoral battle in the days to come.

Family man bureaucrats find it difficult to cope with godman CM of UP

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah, Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath is the busiest person as he is addressing maximum rallies in states but this had made the life of bureaucrats difficult. Yogi does not stay back in any of the states in the night. He comes back to Lucknow and clears files, meets bureaucrats and takes care of day-to-day functioning but this has made a life of bureaucrats miserable. They have to stay back or wait till late to meetings get over. So bureaucrats want elections to get over fast so they get time to relax. Some of them quipped that the CM does not have the family but they do have.

Usual arm-twisting tactics of the ruling dispensation?

A former Uttar Pradesh minister is toeing the line of his rival political party against his own party which is saving him from hands of law so his detractors are saying that he is safe as longs as he behaves the way he is behaving but the moment he takes another route, he will be nabbed. The inquiry about Gomti Riverfront and the issue of Ram Briksha Yadav will be opened. At the moment only officials are only being implicated in the matter. So this will go on for now at least of time some change in the government happens.

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