Designating Indian origin AQIS chief terrorist comes at the right time

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New Delhi, July 1: It took the Unites States of America nearly two years to designate the al-Qaeda in the Sub-Continent or the AQIS' chief Asim Umar as a terrorist. This action may have come late, but it is a clear indicator that this outfit and its chief cannot be written off as yet.

The chief of the al-Qaeda Ayman al Zawahari had a year and nine months ago announced the formation of the AQIS.

Al Qeda

It also designated Umar who is of Indian origin as the chief of the AQIS. Since then there has hardly been any activity and many had already written off the outfit. However in the past few months there has been a surge in activity and hence designating Umar became necessary.

Laying siege on India:

Two attempts had been made by the AQIS to enter India and attack Indian and US navy ships. However both were botched up operations.

The first attempt that the AQIS made was during the Naval Dockyard attack in Karachi. While this operation was launched in Pakistan, the aim was to attack the US and Indian vessels thus sending across a message not to meddle in Afghanistan.

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The AQIS chief Asim Umar in a statement released said that the members who died in the Naval dockyard attack were members of the Al-Qaeda. Terming the Indians as US cronies he said that the intent was to hijack a Pakistan ship and launch attacks on Indian and US vessels.

He also claims in his statement that his team comprises former members of the Pakistan navy who are training them. He further stated that they had taken control over the Pakistan ship and were all set to launch an attack, but they were countered by members of the Pakistan navy.

The next instance of the AQIS trying to capture the waters was found when it send two of members to carry out a survey of the ports in West Bengal.

Armed with logistic support from the SIMI, two members of the AQIS carried out a survey of the ports and had planned on hijacking a ship. This had even prompted the Indian agencies to move some of its vessels anticipating a hijack leading to an attack.

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The latest alert by the Indian agencies pertains to ports in South India. The AQIS is working on a plan along with its dedicated team to hijack an Indian navy vessel and create terror on the seas. It proposes to launch attacks on commercial vessels as well in a bid to establish its dominance.

Desperate to strike:

The Chief of the AQIS who originally hails from Uttar Pradesh is fully aware that they need an attack of a spectacular nature in order to set the ball rolling the sub-continent.

The decision to launch the AQIS has not had many takers and unless it carries out a major strike it would not be in the reckoning, an Intelligence Bureau official informed.

There are several members of the Pakistan navy who are ready to help the AQIS in attaining its goal. We believe that the AQIS has roped in at least 8 former members of the Pakistan navy to help them. They have been training them and the programme is similar to the one we got to see during the 26/11 attack.

Moreover this programme of the ISIS will have the blessings of the ISI as well. The ISI at any cost would not want a dominance of the ISIS in the region once the West leaves Afghanistan. The ISI feels it is easier to control an al-Qaeda when compared to an ISIS which is gaining ground across the world.

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