Dawood on his death bed? Underworld don is suffering from life-threatening disease, says report

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New Delhi, April 26: India's most wanted terrorist and the man behind 1993 Mumbai serial blasts, Dawood Ibrahim is suffering from a life threatening disease.

According to IBN-CNN report, sixty year old mafia don who was convicted for 1993 blasts case which killed over 200 people, has gangrene in his legs.

Dawood Ibrahim on his death bed?

Doctors who are treating Dawood have said that gangrene is at such an advance level that his legs may have to be amputated. According to reports, Dawood, who is currently in Pakistan, may not get cured from the disease. Report also says that the large amount of the body tissue in his legs are already dead.

Gangrene disease is caused by the loss of effective local blood supply due to high BP blood sugar.

Dawood who is wanted in many terror related cases world-wide is currently getting treated at the Liaquat National Hospital and the Combined Military Hospital, Karachi under the protection of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Reports further suggest that ISI is unlikely to move him out of the country.

Dawood along with Tiger Memon and Yakub Memon had orchestrated 1993 Mumbai serial blasts. Last year, Yakub Memon was hanged to death after court found him guilty in the case. Both Dawood and Tiger are still rooming free.

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