Dawood Ibrahim: Will India only wage a dossier war?

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New Delhi, June 6: It is dossier time yet again. The Ministry of Home Affairs is preparing yet another dossier listing out details of most wanted criminals holed up in Pakistan.

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This time like the last time, the details would be on the likes of Dawood Ibrahim, Hafiz Saeed among several others who have made Pakistan their safe home.

Will India only wage a dossier war?

The dossier in respect to Dawood Ibrahim will focus largely on the assets he owns in Pakistan and the request would be to freeze them. The dossier is getting final touches and would be then sent to the Ministry of External Affairs who in turn would forward the same to Pakistan.

The Dawood dossier:

The dossier on the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts accused, Dawood Ibrahim will have the routine information such as his location and area of operation in Pakistan. However sources in the Home Ministry tell OneIndia that this time around the focus would largely be on the property he owns and also his bank accounts.

The latest intelligence inputs have picked up details regarding his bank accounts and also his new locations. India would expect Pakistan to freeze those accounts and also take possession over the property he owns. The dossier would also be sent to other countries such as Dubai where Dawood has business interests.

The dossier on Hafiz Saeed:

After Dawood, the most important person for India is Hafiz Saeed. Although this is the fourth dossier in as many years being prepared on Saeed, the chief of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba, this time around the wordings are stronger sources say.

In the Hafiz Saeed dossier, his addresses have been listed. His accounts and also his agenda against India too have found a mention in this dossier. India would expect Pakistan to curb his movements and also act against him in the 26/11 attack case.

The proof that was collected during the investigations into the 26/11 attack case will also be re-sent with the hope that Pakistan would act against this man who is considered as important as their Prime Minister.

Will India only wage a dossier war?

This is not the first time that dossiers are being sent to Pakistan seeking out action against these criminals. There were at least four such dossiers which were sent in as many years. India has repeated the same old point in all these dossiers.

An Intelligence Bureau official says that these dossiers hardly make any difference to Pakistan as they have a tendency of denying any allegation made by India. However it is a routine process and needs to be sent at regular intervals to keep reminding Pakistan that India is serious about initiating action against these persons.

The very fact of the matter is that these dossiers never make any difference to Pakistan. Leave alone acting on these dossiers, Pakistan has many times even denied receiving the dossiers. For Paksitan both Dawood and Saeed are strategic assets and there is very little that they would do to take action against them.

In the case of Hafiz Saeed, Pakistan has clearly said that he is a social worker and there is nothing to link him to the 26/11 attack. In the case of Dawood Ibrahim the Pakistanis have gone to another extent by denying his existence on their soil.

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