Ill health, old age not a deterrent! Loss of daughter turns mom into a ‘traffic cop’ in Ghaziabad

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New Delhi, Nov 3: It is really tough to bear the pain of losing someone close in the family, and this agony becomes even harder for a mother, after her only daughter dies in a road accident.

But a mom who faced such trauma in the near past has done a daring act to ensure that others don't meet the same fate.
Though it is rarest of rare example in today's materialistic age where one do everything keeping self interest in the mind.

But in Ghaziabad an aggrieved mother donned the role of traffic cop just to make sure that someone's dear ones do not have to go through the same pain.

She may not have authority like a traffic cop who can challan you but this 57-year-old Dorris Francis has this will power to help others. As a disciplined worker she is manning the traffic in the district. She has been doing this new found love since she lost her 17-year-old daughter, Niki, six years ago after a speeding car crashed into their autorickshaw at the same spot.

Imagine her rigorous routine as she does this role from 7am-10am every day. Though policemen claim that they look after the accident prone site but reports say that this is just a white lie. When one of the TOI reporter went their, he found only Dorris at the place no traffic cop at all.

Narrating about the November 2008 accident when she lost her daughter, Dorris as quoted by TOI said, "Niki was ill and we were returning from Delhi after a medical check-up. Just as we turned right towards Khoda, a speeding car hit us. All three of us had to be hospitalized after the accident. Niki sustained severe injuries to her lungs. She languished on a hospital bed for a year before dying of her injuries"

Report say that this site- a few hundred metres from UP gate is prone to the accident. The cut was illegally carved out by residents just to avoid long routes. Policemen claim that they at times tried to barricaded the place just to avoid untoward incident but each time local residents braked it down.

Reason may be anything but authorities could have acted in strong manner on the whole matter. But this is not a deterrent for this old traumatized lady. Imagine her brave act that in spite of her own ailments and old age she has been doing this. Her own husband who is diabetic patient is confined to home. But these things have not broken her spirit to help others. We all are really proud of her.

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