CSE study: Chicken is not a 'safe food'

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New Delhi, July 31: Here is a bad news for 'chicken-lovers' - According to a lab study report released by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) on Wednesday, antibiotic residues have been found in 40% of chicken samples bought from outlets in Delhi and NCR.

The experts, while adding that the amount of residues found were small, warned regular consumers of such meat as they could be in danger of developing antibiotic resistance, said a TOI report.

CSE said that they had recieved evidence of large scale use of antibiotics by poultry owners, which needs to be checked by government by bringing in regulations.

The study was conducted after being alerted by doctors who noticed a rising trend of antibiotic resistance among patients.

The study's findings

22.9% of the 70 samples CSE collected contained residues of one antibiotic while 17.1% had more than one.

Poultry owners injected antibiotics into chicken to promote growth so that they look bigger and also to treat or prevent infections.

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