Criticism of Modi only to seek clarification: Anand Sharma

Posted By: PTI
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Need clarification from Modi: Sharma
Kolkata, April 28: Political discourse was being taken to a new low by Narendra Modi, union minister Anand Sharma alleged today, while claiming that criticism of the Gujarat Chief Minister by the Congress was for seeking clarification.

"The arrogant and egoistic Narendra Modi has taken political discourse in India to a new low by indulging in personal attacks and vilification campaign. Dictatorship is trying to take over democracy," Sharma said.

Alleging that a falsification campaign was launched by the RSS and BJP, he said "They have launched a vilification campaign with a clear intention of snatching power." Asked about the attacks by Congress against Modi, Sharma said, "I don't think there was any personal attack. Seeking a clarification is not a personal attack. The second issue is tapping the phone of a lady. It is not a personal attack, it is something that is in public domain."

"The Gujarat government has filed an affidavit saying that the lady concerned was comfortable. We are saying that who authorised to tap phones," he said.

Stating that none was authorised to tap phones, Sharma also alleged that the name of Modi's right hand man Amit Shah had come up in the case. Asked whether Congress treated attacks on Robert Vadra as personal or political, Sharma replied that it was taking place because Robert Vadra was married to Priyanka Gandhi.

"Robert Vadra is not a beneficiary of any government decision or policy. This matter has been in public domain for more than three years. It was taken to Supreme Court and thrown out. Let them (BJP) file an affidavit or file an FIR. There was never violation of any law."

Criticising the BJP for talking about the 'Vadra model of development' as absurd, he said "Private business dealings can't be equated in a political debate. It is actually belittling the debate for the 2014 elections."

Sharma also questioned the funds being spent on the advertising campaign by BJP. "The nation has never seen such an aggressive and loud advertisement campaign. Use of resources that is unprecedented in the history of India. The BJP is spending thousands of crores in the advertisement campaign. Where from did money come, who is funding them?"


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