Corporate espionage: Plugging the leaks

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New Delhi, March 24: The investigation being conducted by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has found that there are several more journalists who are involved in the corporate espionage scam.

A recent Public Interest Litigation filed before the Supreme Court named three journalists who had taken corporate favours which led to them being told to resign or face an inquiry.

Corporate espionage

While the network is a deep rooted one and over the coming days more such details would emerge, the top on the priority list for the government is to plug the leaks.

While addressing this issue, the Home Ministry has identified the weak points in the ministries which had made easy for thieves to steal documents.

The Home Ministry has also suggested that there is also an urgent need to plug leaks in the defence which has been vulnerable to leaks.

Plugging the leaks in the defence:

Honey traps, corporate espionage and also cyber crimes have been the primary concerns of the defence ministry.

It has been found that China which has been the primary enemy of the Indian defence on the cyber space has a team of 30,000 members to specifically carry out hacks.

The Home Ministry feels that India would need to increase the number of ethical hackers and appoint several of them specifically to guard the defence ministry.

The Home Ministry has also recommended that lower rung officials in the defence need to be scrutinized much more.

These officers are the ones who are honey trapped and the past two years have seen scores of such incidents.

The Home Ministry says that they should not be permitted to use personal mails and social networking sites in office.

In the case of contract workers, the ministry has recommended regular police verifications and also a thorough monitoring of their movements.

It was found in a recent case where a contractual photographer had passed on sensitive information to an ISI spy in Kolkata.

Files cannot be taken out without permission:

The government has now made it mandatory for government officials to obtain prior permission before they can take the files out of their office.

The media interaction in the ministries will also be restricted a great deal. Even if there is an interaction it would be under surveillance.

The vigilance in each of the ministries too is being revamped. It would be the CISF which will be in charge of the security.

The vigilance officer would no longer be from the ministry he is working with. An officer from another ministry would be roped in and his term would be a short one.

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