Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi was profiled earlier too

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Rahul Gandhi's details being sought by the Delhi police has become a major issue and the Congress has decided to take the matter to Parliament and protest.

It was nothing more than a security audit (Rahul Gandhi's eye colour: What did the police really want?) that the Congress has decided to make an issue out of a senior officer part of the process informed OneIndia.

Rahul Gandhi was profiled earlier too

Rahul Gandhi has been profiled earlier too

The profiling of a person with such high security is not a new thing at all. It has been in place since the 1950s and with each passing year the process has become more detailed.

The profiling of Rahul Gandhi has taken place every year and this had never become an issue in the past. In fact the profiling of Sonia Gandhi, former prime ministers other than high profile personalities living in the Lutyens Zone, New Delhi takes place every year, the officer clarified.

Profiling cannot be done on the internet

The officer says that profiling of a person who has such high security cannot be done on the internet. There are details of physical appearances that are needed and one cannot rely on the internet for this.

The Congress has been saying that the Delhi police could have taken details regarding his physical appearance such as eye and hair colour from the internet. The Delhi police however say that this is not the way a security audit is done. Every year details were sought in person, the officer added.

Rahul Gandhi is not the only person who had to go through this process. There are 526 others who come under a security audit and similar details have been sought from each one of them the officer also informed.

Modi, Amit Shah, Sonia Gandhi too had a security audit

The Delhi police say that a security audit of Narendra Modi was done in the year 2014. A similar exercise will be undertaken in the case of Amit Shah, the BJP chief this year following the upgrading of his security.

The police say that the details of Sonia Gandhi and also President Pranab Mukherjee were also sought. Sonia's security audit was done in the years 1998, 2004, 2009, 2011 and 2012.

A security audit for Atal Bihari Vajpayee was done in the year 2001. Others such as I K Gujaral and Dr Manmohan Singh former Prime Ministers of India too were done.

These are issues which ought not to be discussed in the open and people should not make a hue and cry about it. The Congress must realize that the security audit of Rahul Gandhi was done in his own interest, the official also said.

Not a case of snooping

The police say that this is not a case of snooping. Had the police wanted to snoop on anyone they would not have done in the open and sought details.

These details were sought from the Tuglaq Road office of Rahul Gandhi on March 3. A proper process was followed like has been done every other time, the officer said.

Rahul Gandhi has high security. In fact before the details were sought permission was sought from his security head well in advance. Prior to the audit too on March 3 the security staff were informed about the same. This is not a case of snooping the officer also informed.

The Congress is however determined to take the issue up and disrupt Parliament once again. They have said that such a process never existed and this was nothing but a case of snooping aimed at embarrassing their leader.

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