Congress in crisis: Rahul Gandhi goes ‘missing’, once again

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New Delhi, March 17: The recent drubbing in the assembly elections has totally shattered the Congress. At such a juncture, when party insiders want structural and leadership changes in the grand old party, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has gone abroad.

On Thursday, reports cited that Rahul went to the US to be with his mother and party president Sonia Gandhi, who is undergoing treatment in the country. Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala informed that Rahul will be accompanying Sonia on the return leg.

Rahul Gandhi

Although there is nothing wrong to be with his mother when she needs him the most, party workers feel that Rahul should return at the earliest to help revive the Congress. This is not for the first time when Rahul has 'abandoned' the Congress when the party needed him the most. Earlier, Rahul went for a long vacation when Parliament was in session in 2015.

During the Budget session in 2015, the Congress VP had sought leave from his party to 'reflect' upon the then 'events' of his party. His 'love' for taking breaks was slammed by many, including the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party.

A mini-rebellion is brewing in the Congress after the party failed to form governments in four states out of five that went to assembly elections recently. Several senior Congress leaders have questioned the party's top leadership in failing to win elections.

The leaders are mostly upset after the Congress failed to form governments in Goa and Manipur even after winning the highest number of seats in these two states. Since the assembly election results, Rahul has been lying low.

During his only public appearance where he spoke to reporters, Rahul denied to accept his party's total annihilation. The Congress managed to win just seven seats in the UP assembly polls. The party fielded 105 candidates in the 403-member polls.

There are 'ups and down' for every party, Gandhi said, adding, "We had a little down in UP, which is fine, we accept it. But we have an ideological fight with the BJP and we will continue to do that."

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"I would like to say that the BJP won the election in UP and I would like to congratulate them. Why they won it, there are multiple reasons. Large part of it is polarisation. But the fact is that they won the election," he said.

However, Rahul admitted that the party needed to bring changes. "As far as the Congress party is concerned, we do need to make structural and organisational changes and that is a fact," he said. To bring changes in the party, Rahul needs to be present and work continuously with his colleagues, instead of taking regular 'breaks'.

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