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CEO explains why the betting market keeps growing

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It is a known and inevitable fact that the market for online casino and sports betting are growing heavily this year. Decades back, betting and casino gambling was nowhere near the levels of today. Nowadays anyone with access to the internet is able to gamble their money on slot machines, blackjack tables and poker tournaments. Online casinos and betting has become an entertainment industry as much as an industry of money gambling. A lot of people are now using online casinos as a source of entertainment rather than a source of income.

CEO explains why the betting market keeps growing

In this article, the CEO of CasinoTop, Reza Shojaei, discusses why the market for betting just keeps growing without any projection to end in the future. We will highlight Reza's statements in this article and delve into why gambling and betting has become such a fast growing industry the past couple of years. Firstly we will discuss why gambling these days has turned into an entertainment industry as much as a gambling industry. Secondly we will highlight some of sports and events that have made sports betting particularly popular for a lot of people. Lastly we will highlight Reza's golden rules of gambling on the internet as there are still some grey areas in the field of gambling, that consumers should be aware of.

Always source of entertainment

The industry of gambling and betting has like every other industry been dramatically reformed and reshaped by the technological revolution, and the tools that are now available as a result of that. Smartphones, fast and low-cost internet as well as user-friendly websites and software has made gambling easy accessible everywhere, anywhere, whenever users want to play and gamble. Back in the days of no internet, there were few little opportunities to gamble and bet your money on various games and every one of them included transportation time to a local store or gaming hall. These days are over and every human being above the age of 18 with a smartphone, tablet or laptop with connection to the internet can now access the largest online casinos in the world.

From the most rural areas of a country it is still possible to reach the popular gambling places in the world. This has made gambling into an entertainment at the same scale of companies and services like Netflix and Gaming. A lot of the casinos charge very low fees for playing on slot machines which means that people are now able to play for hours for just a couple of dollars, euro, rupees or wherever they find themselves in the world. This will make sure that you don't blow all your savings or monthly salary, when gambling in an online casino. Thus, have gambling has become an entertainment industry as much as it is a money gambling industry.

Soccer, Tennis and E-sports

There are also multiple sports events that in combination with the technological progression in the field has fueled the growth in the industry the past decade. It is especially the big tournaments in various sports, that are a main driver of the growth in the industry. Events such as the World Cup in Soccer are a predominant tournament that really drags users to the betting platforms. Everyone wants to bet money on their national team to do well in the tournament, and most of the gambling and betting companies see a 5 - 10 % increase in their user base during these tournaments.

Another vital factor in the fueling of the betting industry is the concept of live betting on sport events. The ability to bet live in a match, while following it heightens the entertainment value for a lot of eager fans. This has been the case for football, handball, hockey and basketball in many years. However it is actually tennis that has the most live bets placed during the matches as there are so many possibilities to play on various outcomes of the match. Therefore, is tennis actually also a major part of the growth in the industry.

Last but not least comes E-sports and the explosive impact it has had on sports and gambling. Nowadays e-sports athletes are considered gods among their fans and earn millions in prize money every year. The increasing interest for e-sports from fans has also made it a popular betting sport, and nowadays it is one of the most profound parts of sports betting.

Never gamble money you can't afford to lose

Reza Shojaei, CEO of Casino Tops highlights the previous as examples of why the gambling and betting industries have grown so dramatically the last couple of years. With his many years in the industry, he gives out his most important rules to consumers that want to begin with gambling: "Never lose money you can't afford losing. Simple as that." This way you avoid developing problems with gambling.

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