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Case will go on, no matter what, says convenor of Babri Masjid Action Committee

By Oneindia Staff Writer

Ayodhya, Dec 5: One day ahead of the Babri Masjid demolition anniversary, there has already been a debate with one of the oldest litigants withdrawing from the case stating that he wants to set Ram Lulla free.

Mohammad Hashim Ansari, the oldest litigant in Babri Masjid case, had a couple of days back said that he wants to distance himself from the case as he was disgusted by the statement made by Azam Khan who had termed the Babri issue as dead.

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In this context, Oneindia speaks with Dr SQR Ilyas, the convenor of the Babri Masjid Action Committee and member of the All India Muslim Law Personal Board.

In this interview, Dr Ilyas says that the case will go on no matter what as today it has become case between the Muslim Community vs the state and the Centre.

Your reactions to the statement by Hashim Ansari

Basically the statement is a reaction to what Azam Khan had said. Khan who was once leading the movement is now saying that the issue is dead. This has frustrated Ansari who feels let down. He became very emotional since he has been fighting this case since the past 5 decades.

Does this affect the case?

Before the Supreme Court of India which is hearing the appeal there are 8 appeals from both sides. Even if one person withdraws from the case, it will not affect it in anyway. It is today a case of the Muslim community vs the state and centre. Hence if more persons withdraw from the case it will not be affected in any way.

Is there an attempt to convince Ansari?

Not as of now. We are sure that he will cool down. He got very emotional. He has not yet filed any affidavit before the Supreme Court indicating his withdrawal from the case. I am sure that he will cool down and come back and continue fighting the case. It was a very natural reaction on his part.

What about Azam Khan's statement?

I feel that the statement by Azam Khan has been reported out of context. It was the Vishwa Hindu Parishad which said that they will erect a huge Mandir at the site. He only said that there is already a mandir and the statement by the VHP makes no sense and hence that issue is dead. On that day itself the All India Muslim Law Personal Board had issued a statement that what the media was reporting about Azam Khan not being right.

What will now be your argument before the Supreme Court?

We had said that a Mosque is not a structure of walls and bricks. We treat it as a religious site and it belongs to us. We had also said that even if there is a make shift temple according to us it is still a Mosque. Will fight the case till the last judicial verdict. However what ever the verdict is we will abide by it. I saw a debate which suggested that a school or hospital should be erected on that site. All these debates are rubbish. The issue is on since the past 50 years. Let the court and not the media decide what should be there.

What is the status of the appeal?

It is a massive case. The Lucknow Bench of the High Court has delivered a verdict running into 8000 pages. There are 42000 documents attached to the case. The Supreme Court has sought translation of some documents which is taking time. The court has issued notices to the all the litigants.

What is the plan for tomorrow?

We will only submit a memorandum to the President of India. We have told the people not to stage any protest or demonstration and create any sort of communal divide in the country.

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