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Can cash cause coronavirus? Should you stop using it


New Delhi, Mar 09: As the new coronavirus spreads quickly around the world, concerns are mounting about how long it can survive on surfaces.

According to disease experts, the novel coronavirus, named COVID-19, is mainly spread from person to person through coughing or sneezing. Also there is limited evidence that the coronavirus can spread through fecal matter from an infected person that wouls also transmit the virus.

Can cash cause coronavirus? Should you stop using it

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said that the coronavirus can live on some surfaces for as long as 48 hours and potentially infect someone if the surface has not been cleaned and disinfected.

How to clean and disinfect your smartphone to prevent the spread of coronavirus?How to clean and disinfect your smartphone to prevent the spread of coronavirus?

While Scientists aren't certain where the virus originated, China's central bank has taken measures to deep clean and destroy its cash, which changes hands multiple times a day, in an effort to contain the virus.

    NEWS AT 3 PM, MARCH 9th, 2020

    South Korea's central bank also said it was taking all banknotes out of circulation for two weeks, and burning some in order to reduce the spread of the viruss.

    Not only banks, even some businesses like the Starbucks have also announced that it is temporarily suspending the use of personal cups and tumblers at its stores around the world to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

    It should be noted that Microorganisms are able to transfer from your debit/credit cards in similar ways as point-of-sale terminals are used by multiple people.

    The World Health Organization has reportedly issued a warning that handling money may spread coronavirus and is urging people to stop using cash when they can and encouraged people to rather use as many digital payment options as possible.

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    The WHO also advised people to wash their hands after using cash, The Telegraph reported.

    Meanwhile, experts say the coronavirus could latch onto currency in the same way that it is able to live on hard surfaces like door handles, handrails and toilet handles.

    Recently, Iran's health minister also advised its citizens to avoid using paper money as it is aiding the spread of the new coronavirus. On Sunday, the country had reported 49 new deaths from the COVID-19 disease, the highest toll within 24 hours.

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