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c0c0n 2021: Kerala Police invites CDS General Bipin Rawat to annual cybersecurity conference

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Bengaluru, Nov 07: This year marks the 14th year of "c0c0n" the annual Hacking and Cyber Security Briefing hosted by Kerala police in association with the Society for the Policing of Cyberspace( POLCYB ), a not-for-profit society based in British Columbia, Canada and Information Security Research Association (ISRA) a non profit organisation.

c0c0n 2021: Kerala Police invites CDS General Bipin Rawat to annual cybersecurity conference

This year as well the conference willl be held virtually considering the pandemic scenario, so that paramount importance is given to the safety and wellbeing of our speakers, sponsors, delegates and staff.

Nevertheless, we are committed to delivering the quality content in a virtual setting in a time frame that would engage as many of the communities across the globe as possible.

It also provides an information sharing platform on cyber security issues, enhancement of law enforcement agencies/corporates/researchers/academia's effectiveness and efficiency through the improvement of the technical and administrative capabilities in incident handling and a channel to discuss strategic directions and future challenges.

The theme of c0c0n 2021 is - Improvise, Adapt & Overcome (From the Latin quote - Improvidus, apto quod victum). This year we are having a total of 4 Days of conference, starting of on the 10th of November 2021 with two days of pre conference workshops on 10th and 11th followed by two days of workshop on 12th and 13th.

The registration of the conference and the training workshops are totally free of cost with can be done through the official website (www.c0c0n.org), We have organized more than 40 sessions on 4 different tracks covering the emerging security domains for which we are expecting a participation of around 10000 delegates from various countries and 74 national and international speakers at different levels.

The inaugural address will be delivered by General Bipin Rawat, Chief of Defence Staff, Ministry of Defence, India.

This year we have four keynote speakers i.e Dr. Mohamed Al-Kuwaiti, Head of cyber Security, UAE Government, H.E.Tomasz Zaleski, Chairman, Royal office of HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin, Faisal Al Qassimi, UAE, Dr. Kailasavadivoo Sivan, Chairman, ISRO, Secretary DOS, Sri.C.P. Gurnani, Managing Director and CEO, Tech Mahindra and Eff Jarrett, WWE Hall of Famer, & Professional Wrestling Promoter/Executive as Celebrity Guest Speaker.

We have national and international speakers addressing on various cyber security domains covering Cyber attacks on Critical Infrastructures, Quantum Computing, Automotive Cyber security, Drone attacks detections using deep learning, IoT Security, Data Security and Privacy, Cyber Espionage, Cyber warfare and Securing Critical infrastructures, Machine Learning to detect Chia mining etc.

The details of speaker can in accessed on https://india.c0c0n.org/2021/speakers

In addition, we have below mentioned trainings, competitions and activities also

Training Workshops

1) Reverse engineering and ROP gadget, how to take the control of the system - 10 - 11 November, 2021 By Pierre-François MAILLARD, Independent researcher and Baptiste DAVID, PHD Applicant

2) Coding Security Best Practices - 11 November, 2021 10:00 IST - 12:00 IST by Viraj Gandhi, Sr Staff Product Security Engineer, SailPoint

3) Build, Break, Fix Java Web Applications - 10 November, 2021 9:30 IST - 14:00 IST by Santosh Gulivindala, Security Engineer, ServiceNow

4) Cyber - An introduction to Offensive & Defensive Security - by Sreelakshmy Palliyil & Swathi KV

Capture The Flag

We have 3 CTF competitions - nCTF, Winja CTF and Dome CTF

1) nCTF

CTF is an exciting and thought-provoking way of learning security concepts via gamification. It is the best way to outthink, outwit and outhack. Here are some reasons why Nulltrace organize CTFs via nCTF platform:
• Developing team spirit.
• Skills assessment.
• Strengthening cybersecurity workforce.
• Healthy competition.

2) Winja CTF

Winja, an initiative of Nullcon, is a virtual community run by volunteers. At Winja, we aim to build capabilities in the field of Information Security via various community events.

Known for our CTF events, we take pride in experimenting with new ideas every time. We are hosting our 2nd CTF event for this year in November month, at c0c0n 2021. We will bring to you a wide variety of challenges, ranging from easy to hard difficulty level, in this 14 hrs long Jeopardy-style Capture-The-Flag event.

Winja CTF will contain challenges that are built around real-world problems or vulnerabilities that are exploited in the wild. We will have challenges belonging to different categories, e.g., Web, Cloud, Reverse Engineering, OSINT, Digital Forensics, Cryptography


The DOME CTF is being organized as a joint venture of Kerala Police CyberDome Beagle Security. This challenge is being organized to raise awareness about cyber-attacks and reinforce the importance of cyber security to protect the data and information from various cybercrimes. Additionally, this competition will make participants to compete and showcase their skills and also race against the clock to solve as many challenges as possible ahead of the other contestants.
Get ready to put on your hacker's hat as we gear for DOME CTF 2021, the CTF serves as an exciting avenue to showcase your knowledge and skills to solve interesting cyber security challenges.

Teams will be competing against each other to solve cyber security related challenges. This year DOME CTF will take place virtually. Participants have to solve the challenges put forth to them in a gamified live attack and defence activity. Your skills will be pushed to the limits by advanced challenges in reverse engineering, crypto, network attacks, programming and many more!

Village agenda

"Adversary Village" is a community which purely focuses on Adversary simulation, Adversary emulation, Threat/APT emulation, Breach and adversarial attack simulation, Supply chain security, Adversary Tactics, Life, Adversary Philosophy, urban survival skills and a bit of Purple teaming.

Adversary village will be organizing talks, panel discussions, workshops, CTFs with respect to the mentioned topics.
As this domain matures, we anticipate active participation from organizations, as such, simulations would help immensely towards internal capacity building, from having a "live fire" training opportunity. An increasing number of researchers too are focusing on building tools and techniques, for simulation of various adversarial actions against an organization or supply chain, instead of actual full scope real-world exploitation.

The goal of the Adversary Village would be to build an open security community for the researchers and organizations, who are putting together new means and methodologies towards the simulation/emulation of adversary tactics or adversary actions.

Automotive Security Research Group (ASRG)

The Automotive Security Research Group (ASRG) is a non-profit initiative to promote the development of security solutions for automotive products.
"AutoSec Village", is a community that focuses on automotive cybersecurity, defensive and offensive strategies of cybersecurity for Electronic Control Unit connected in cars and also vehicle network analysis.
The goals of ASRG are not to produce any products or services, however to support and assist with the development of security solutions in the automotive industry. This will be achieved by focusing 3 main topics, knowledge, networking and collaboration.

Resume & Career Clinic - by Nullcon (www.nullcon.net)

Resume & Career Clinic encourages students, professionals, individuals looking forward to shift their jobs; to build a strong work profile in their respective fields. Writing a Strong Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a crucial step in every individual's search for the right internship, job, or career. Since 2018, Nullcon has been organizing Resume & Career Clinics to help advance security professional careers. It is a space where renowned experts provide one-on-one guidance to individuals on how to improvise their resumes to make them presentable and successful by unlocking their true potential.

WICS - Women In Cyber Security

To encourage more women into cyber security and to offer them equal opportunity to rise to senior leadership roles, Kerala Police is inviting more women who playing prominent roles in cyber security as speakers for the 14th edition of Cyber Security and Hacking Conference c0c0nXII -

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