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BJP's VP pick Naidu is V for Vice-President, V for Venkaiah

By Oneindia Staff Writer

The Vice President candidate from NDA, Venkaiah Naidu is known for his statements that carry a lot of punch. Be it the criticism of other parties or defending his own party, he has a barrage of one-liners ready. Famous for his rhymes and one-liners, Naidu filed his nominations as NDA's vice presidential candidate on Tuesday.

His rhyming retorts in the Houses, at press conferences and public rallies have always evoked hearty laughter from the listeners and provided much-needed relief to those wanting to unwind after a hectic day.

BJP's VP pick Naidu is V for Vice-President, V for Venkaiah

The latest was when the 'Rashtrapati nominee' was to be announced by the NDA and Naidu was asked whether he was the chosen one. "I neither want to become Rashtrapati (President), nor do I want to become Rs Up-rashtrapatiRs (Vice-President). I am happy being Usha's pati (wife Usha's husband)," Naidu quipped when questioned by reporters.

After filing the nomination, he commented: "I started as Usha Pati (wife Usha's husband), now I will be Up-Rashtrapati (Vice President), eventually Sabha-Pati (Rajya Sabha chairman), not Sabka-Pati (everyone's husband)."

He has said some hilarious quotes in past which is worth remembering. Here, we pick his best one-liners.

    Venkaiah Naidu gets support of south party Telangana Rashtra Samithi | Oneindia News

    Read on and enjoy.

    • During UPA, it was PM presides, Madam or Boy decides. Now PM presides, Team decides
    • India has changed, though Congress has not changed. Demonetization is yajna but asuras try to disturb peace during the yajna."
    • After an earthquake, Congress came down from 440 to 44
    • Butchers cannot be preachers
    • The expansion of UPA is not United Progressive Alliance, it is ulta pulta alliance
    • We say dynasty is nasty in politics, but Congressmen says dynasty is tasty
    • When we in the BJP chant Ram Ram Ram, the Congress chants scam scam scam
    • We don't believe in the four Bs, so we started charging Rs 5 (Rs . 10 in Tamil Nadu) from people who attend these meetings. The four Bs are Bus, Biryani, Bottle and Bhatta (the money given to the mobilised crowd)!
    • Zeros can't find Heroes. (When Rahul gave a 'zero' to the NDA Government's performance, Naidu took on him)
    • Communist Party of India is called "consumer price index"

    At times, he turns out to be a poet too. Here's how a poem by him turned many readers into a poet. He invited business men to Jharkhand for investment by saying that the state has an investor-friendly government through a poem.

    State is beautiful..
    People are dutiful..
    Resources are Plentiful..
    Brand ambassador is powerful..
    Chief Minister is Mindful..
    Prime Minister is helpful..
    What else is required, come and invest in Jharkhand...

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