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Ayodhya Verdict updates: Hindus get Ayodhya Land, Muslims to get alternate site

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New Delhi, Nov 08: The Supreme Court today held that the Hindus would get the disputed site at Ayodhya while the Muslims would be given alternate land of 5 acres.

The court further said that the Centre shall set up a trust in 3 months to build a temple.

Ayodhya Verdict updates: Hindus get Ayodhya Land, Muslims to get alternate site

Here is how it all unfolded in the Supreme Court

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11:36 AM, 9 Nov
Prohibitory orders have been issued across Delhi to maintain public order.
11:18 AM, 9 Nov
The SC took on record the role of the mediators. While appreciating their contribution, the SC said that they had come very close to a settlement.
11:14 AM, 9 Nov
In a nutshell: Hindus to get land subject to conditions Central government to frame a scheme A trust will be formed Inner courtyard will be handed over to the trust A suitable plot of land measuring 5 acre shall be given to Sunni Waqf Board Centre must set a trust with board of trustees within 3 months A suitable plot of land measuring 5 acre shall be given to Sunni Waqf Board either by the state or by the Centre. Under Article 142, SC directs in the scheme to be framed, Nirmohi Akhara to also get representation. Land to remain vested in statutory receiver till trust is formed Trust to be formed in three months Management of construction of the temple to be monitored by the trust
11:13 AM, 9 Nov
The disputed land has been decreed to the deity.
11:11 AM, 9 Nov
The Muslims will be given 5 acres of land in an alternate place. The same will be given to the Sunni Board by the centre or state rules SC.
11:09 AM, 9 Nov
The SC said that the centre will formulate a scheme in 3 months to set up a board of trustees for the construction of the temple at the disputed structure.
11:08 AM, 9 Nov
Muslim parties to get alternate land says SC. Wrong committed must be limited the court also said.
11:06 AM, 9 Nov
For 325 years from the construction of the Mosque till 1857, Muslims have given no evidence of offering prayers at the disputed site in exclusion of Hindus. The destruction of the Mosque was in breach of the SC order, the Bench said.
11:05 AM, 9 Nov
The disputed site is one composite whole. There was no namaz after 1949, the court also held.
11:05 AM, 9 Nov
Sunni Board has not been able to prove its exclusive right and that the entire land has to be considered as a whole says SC.
11:02 AM, 9 Nov
The riots of 1934 and disturbances in 1949 show possession of the inner court yard was a matter of contestation. Documents prior to 1857 show that Hindus were not barred from worshipping in the inner court yard. The railings segregating the outer and inner courtyard was made in 1857. But Hindus always believed that the birthplace of Ram was in the inner courtyard of the mosque, the court said.
11:01 AM, 9 Nov
While citing evidence that Hindus continued praying, the SC ruled that Muslims have not been establish possessory rights over the disputed property.
10:59 AM, 9 Nov
Hindus always believed that the birthplace of Ram was in the inner courtyard of the Mosque says SC.
10:59 AM, 9 Nov
There is evidence that Ram Chabutra was worshipped before British came, says SC
10:57 AM, 9 Nov
It is clearly established while Muslims offered prayers inside the inner courtyard, the same was done by Hindus in the outer court yard.
10:57 AM, 9 Nov
Though there were obstructions, Muslims continued to offer Namaz inside the inner courtyard. So the Muslims have not abandoned the Mosque, the SC says.
10:54 AM, 9 Nov
Muslims cannot asset right of adverse possession says Supreme Court.
10:53 AM, 9 Nov
The act of placing an iron in the central dome was challenged by Sunni Waqf Board. The suit is maintainable says SC.
10:52 AM, 9 Nov
Titles cannot be established on the basis of faith.
10:52 AM, 9 Nov
There is evidence that Ram Chabutra, Sita Raso was worshipped by the Hindus before the British came.
10:50 AM, 9 Nov
Accounts of travellers and historians mention about faith of Hindus and that the place is birthplace of Lord Ram is mentioned. The account has to be read with circumspection.
10:49 AM, 9 Nov
ASI report held that there was a structure underneath the Babri Masjid can't be dismissed as conjecture or just a guess work and junks theory of pre-existence of an Idgah at the disputed site. “Babri mosque wasn't constructed on a vacant land. An underlying structure did exist. Underlying structure was not of Islamic religion as artefacts, architectural evidence had distinct non Islamic nature. ASI report can be lent credence to the underlying structure was dated 12th century. However it said ASI also said that the structure was not a specific temple.
10:49 AM, 9 Nov
Hindus consider Ayodhya as birthplace of Lord Ram and their faith is undisputed.
10:47 AM, 9 Nov
The title of land can be decided on legal evidence says Supreme Court.
10:47 AM, 9 Nov
Babri Masjid was not built on vacant land. ASI establishes that there was an underlying structure beneath the Mosque and it was not Islamic in nature.
10:46 AM, 9 Nov
The claim of Nimrohi Akhara is only of management. It does not have priestly rights.
10:45 AM, 9 Nov
Prasar Bharati in a tweet slammed The Guardian over a report on Ayodhya and said that the publication "must desist from provoking communal hatred in India through its slanted reportage that conflates Indian National Interest with Religion."
10:43 AM, 9 Nov
The report of the ASI cannot be dismissed as conjecture or just guess work says SC.
10:42 AM, 9 Nov
Suit by Nimrohi Akhara is not maintainable says SC. Has no sheabait or priestly rights says SC.
10:42 AM, 9 Nov
Shri Ram Lalla is a juristic entry, but Shr Ram Janmashathan is not says SC.

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