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38-year-old delivers baby following 18 miscarriages

By Prabhpreet

Stories, in both past and present times, about the desire of wanting to be parents but not being able to, and the ways in which such couples try to have kids, from offering prayers at various temples and making offerings of all sorts, to visiting different specialists in the more modern era with its advanced medical technology, have been heard and seen on various mediums including real life.

38-year-old delivers baby following 18 miscarriages

And now in what could be considered a plot out of a movie, come's a real-life story of a 38-year-old woman who after decades of trying finally gave birth to a baby. Though at the outset this might appear to be a simple story of new parents, the events that took place before the birth make it anything but.

Rajani, the new mother, is reported to have suffered 18 miscarriages in a span of 20 years till she was finally able to deliver her boy. And the struggle along with the final outcome is being described as a medical miracle of sorts.

Doctors who treated her have said that both the mother and the newborn are healthy and doing well, according to a report published in a national daily. The doctors, who reportedly conducted a laparoscopic surgery in order to hold the fetus in the womb, are also planning to apply and get the case registered in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The new parents, who come from a family of farmers are residents of Hathigarhi village in Barhan area of Agra. Rajini, it is being reported, suffered from a medical condition which led her to suffer a miscarriage around the fifth or sixth month of each pregnancy. Her husband, Prem Kumar, is reported to have said she went through 18 such miscarriages.

Finally, after visiting various hospitals for treatment, she was operated on, at a private hospital where she delivered, by Dr Amit Tandon, a laparoscopic surgeon, and Dr Vaishali, an IVF specialist.

Dr Tandon is reported to have said, "Rajani suffered from incompetent cervix, a condition where the mouth of the uterus is too weak to hold the fetus and miscarriage occurs after 5-6 months of pregnancy. She was treated at a number of nursing homes and underwent cervical stitches but she failed to continue with the pregnancy."

As per reports, after conducting a thorough and detailed investigation the doctors came to the conclusion that only stitches made high up on the uterus would be able to hold her pregnancy. And this led to Dr Tandon doing laparoscopic stitching of her cervix when she was three and half months pregnant.

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