26/11: The files that were never opened

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New Delhi, Nov 26: There was heightened activity on the narrow lanes of Machimarnagar, Mumbai on November 25, 2008. Something big was about to happen and Indians did not have a clue as what they were about to witness in the next 24 hours.

Ten terrorists of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba (LeT) had landed from Pakistan and were about to carry out one of the biggest ever attacks India has witnessed so far.

26/11: The files that were never opened

Investigations that were conducted stated that the ten terrorists had landed on the night of 26/11 and went about the attack.

There were repeated demands made to investigate into the local link, but those files were never opened or gone into for reasons known best to the investigators. Following the attack the Ram Pradhan Committee was set up to look into the lapses by the Mumbai police.

One of the members of the committee, V Balachandran who is a retired Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) officer pointed out that there was a complaint made to them about a lady being involved in harbouring the terrorists.

Files that were never opened:

Balachandran tells OneIndia that during the inquiry there was a rumour that the terrorists had reached Mumbai days before the attack. They were staying in a hut used by the underworld in Machimarnagar. This fishermen's colony in Colaba was where the terrorists had stayed is what we heard, Balachandran said.

Further we heard that the kingpin of the diesel scam scam (a lady) had provided shelter to the ten terrorists. The terrorists who stayed at the hut are said to have conducted a reconnaissance of the targets they were to attack.

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These details were discussed, but then our chargers did not permit us to go into this. These notes were personally handed over to the Central Intelligence Agency. However we did not hear back from them.

The crime branch which probed the case however concluded that the terrorists had landed on the same day of the attack, Balachandran also said.

Many feel that it is impossible to carry out an attack without even viewing the attack sites in person. It was claimed during the investigation that the terrorists had viewed these sites on maps provided for them and went about the attack with precision.

To this Balachandran points to the attack carried out at the Chabad House. It is located in a narrow lane connected to the Colaba Causeway. I have lived in this area for a very long time, but I had never heard of it.

It was quite surprising to see the ease with which the terrorists went about the attack here, he also adds.

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