Kejriwal snubs 'aam aadmi', didn't consult them before resigning

By: Sandra Marina Fernandes
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Did AAP leave the aam aadmi clueless?
When the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) first took baby steps in the big bad world of politics, the party took each and every step after seeking the aam aadmi's point of view. Be it their poll manifesto, or even forming the government in Delhi, the party made sure to include people's opinion.

However when Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal resigned on Friday, Feb 14, there was no public opinion, no SMS polls, no surveys were conducted, no seeking the point of view of the aam janta, whether he should quit or not. It was just assumed that Kejriwal's resignation was the decision of the common man.

By the end of the day, there were mixed reactions to his resignation.

While many of his supporters ( some of who had gathered outside the AAP office in Delhi),  said that Kejriwal's resignation was the right move, many were disappointed and felt cheated by the AAP government.The Congress had said that 'Kejriwal's resignation was scripted and a pre-planned drama.'

A lot of people on Twitter expressed their disappointed and felt that the Delhi CM was running away from his responsibilities and was just interested in contesting the Lok Sabha polls. Most of the promises made by the AAP were not fulfilled.

Many Delhities felt cheated with Kejriwal's resignation

This was even evident when the AAP held a press conference the next day and announced its Lok Sabha plans saying that the party would contest the general elections under Kejriwal's leadership.

As a common man, it makes you think why wasn't a poll conducted seeking the public's opinion on Kejriwal's resignation? Why was it just assumed that Kejriwal's resignation was the public opinion? Why was the public left from this decision making process?

Before Kejriwal made a formal announcement of his resignation, smses were sent to party workers asking them to convene at the party office. The scene was nothing less than spectacular. Kejriwal made the announcement and the crowd cheered, waved the jhaadu and praised their leader.

Kejriwal became the 'hero' who sacrificed his post for his fight against corruption and now will tackle the corrupt by contesting the Lok Sabha polls.

Whether his voter base will increase after this or not is something that the LS polls will reveal in the coming months.

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