Why the JD(U) leader made an objectionable remark on Smriti Irani? Nitish must answer

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JD(U) MP Ali Anwar made a below-the-belt attack on Union minister Smriti Irani after she was removed from the HRD Ministry to the Textile Ministry in the latest Cabinet reshuffle by the Narendra Modi government.

Ali said it is good that Irani has been "elected" as the textile minister for it will help her cover body. After realising the blunder, Ali later clarified saying he was referring to the bodies of people in general.

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The foolish clarification doesn't help you cause, Mr MP. You should have taken the minimum training of respecting a woman even if she belongs to your rival party and believes in a completely opposite ideology.

JD(U) is now a party which is powered by anti-Modism more than anything else

The JD(U) is powered by a strong anti-Narendra Modi sentiment ever since a miffed Nitish Kumar, the chief minister of Bihar, withdrew from the NDA in June 2013 ending a decade-and-half-long union. The reason was simple: To show his more minority-friendly face and cement the secular claims while chasing the dream of becoming the leader of the nation.

Ever since then, Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi have become the biggest rivals in India's electoral field, even bigger than the Modi vs Gandhi battle. While Modi had the last laugh in the 2014 general election when the JD(U) fell flat in its own state, Nitish Kumar had his chance in the 2015 Assembly election when the grand alliance against the BJP defeated the Modi-Amit Shah duo handsomely.

Modi-Nitish rivarly will go on at least till 2019

There is very little chance of the rivalry dying down before the 2019 Lok Sabha election, which many are already seeing as a probable Modi-Nitish contest. But the political tussle between the two accomplished administrators notwithstanding, there can be no justification for the JD(U) MP's speaking against a woman leader of Modi's party in such a distasteful manner.

But that doesn't mean making personal attacks on a woman

Smriti Irani certainly had her share of failure as the HRD minister and a lot of people would feel relieved to see her ouster from the high-profile ministry, but the ploy to take her on should be political and not personal. It shows the narrow and misogynist mindset of a leader who belongs to a party based in North India.

Nitish Kumar needs to rein in those motormouths if he aspires to emerge as an all-India leader

If Nitish Kumar's party comprises such people with an unhealthy mindset, then his own image as an administrator who claims to take care of the women's welfare could be badly dented. With the preparation for the next big battle which is less than three years away about to begin in some time, it is very important for Nitish to rein in mouths that could jeopardise his political plans by uttering reckless remarks.

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