Why Sonia Gandhi's 'upcoming book' won't help the family & party

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After a series of books dented the aura of the Gandhis, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi has decided to pen one herself to reveal the 'truth'. Her decision was known after former foreign minister Natwar Singh brought a series of allegations against the top political family in his autobiography One Life Is Not Enough.

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But how much effective will be Sonia Gandhi's book to counter these allegations?

The Congress chief will have certain disadvantages if she indeed pens a book to reveal the truth.

Sonia can either reassert her old version or reveal a third theory but will it help?

First, there are already books available in the market which speak much about Sonia Gandhi's moves and decisions in 2004 after the Congress found a welcome opportunity to form a government. She declined to become the prime minister saying her "inner voice" stopped her as she felt that her becoming the chief executive could pose problems for the nation. Now if Sonia writes a book by herself, she will either reassert what she had said in the past. Will it make much of a difference now, given the pathetic state her party is in now?

If she brings in some third angle into the story to negate Natwar's version, it will also dent her credibility as a reliable source. Either way, the Congress chief will be in a spot. Aggrieved loyalists like Natwar Singh have made the move knowing the consequences very well.

Sonia Gandhi's politics of 'safe distance from politics' has boomeranged

Secondly, since Sonia Gandhi decided to stay away from direct reaches of the power politics during the last decade for whatever reasons, there is not much she can control now, no matter whatever she does. The first family's indulgence in mixing up popular with family politics has begun to pay back once the king has lost his throne.

Sonia Gandhi should have known that power is a double-edged sword. She avoided it all these years at the expense of Manmohan Singh but now with the latter out of the scenario, the terrible legacy of the UPA will haunt the former for it is a well-perceived fact now that she was the real power centre in the government.

The headache would have been less for the Congress chief had she not responded to her "inner voice" in 2004 and became the prime minister herself. People like Natwar Singh is conveniently taking advantage of the gap that existed in the UPA power structure and few can really counter his allegations.

Will Sonia reveal why she went to meet Natwar with Priyanka in her book?

Third, Sonia had gone to meet Natwar with her daughter Priyanka. Why did she have to meet a person who had little presence in the Indian media even two days ago? Does Natwar Singh know something that could land the Gandhis in a bigger trouble? Will Gandhi bring out the real truth in her upcoming book or just release one to counter Natwar?

More than her "authoritarian" nature, Sonia is paying the price of her convenient stand all these years

Natwar has described Sonia Gandhi as "authoritarian" and "ruthless", something which many would relate with her Italian background. But it has essentially nothing to do with the Italian origin. Politics is always a realm of the ruthless but Sonia Gandhi's folly lied in the fact that she tried to be both ruthless and benevolent at the same time, making her vulnerable to those who were looking for the apt time to take their revenge.

Former PM Manmohan Singh also defended his leader after the Natwar bomb exploded, saying domestic talks shouldn't be used for commercial gains. What Dr Singh has said is morally right but who is bothered about the moral standards when the swords are out?

Natwar bomb has also affected Rahul Gandhi's credibility, can Sonia address that part?

Sonia Gandhi will also face a tough challenge in saving her son's grace who, according to Natwar, stopped her from becoming the prime minister 10 years ago. If a party is run as per the personal whims of a family, then how much can it offer to lead the entire nation?

How many Congress supporters will feel assured after the recent revelations that if their party get a chance to form the government ever again, a Gandhi will take up the baton and lead the lot? The family's psyche looks bruised beyond repair after the two tragic deaths in 1984 and 1991.

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