Why India needs Modi like 'man in action' not Vajpayee like scholar at this moment

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Singapore's ex-Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong has heaped praise on Narendra Modi saying that he is man of action. Comparing Indian Prime Minister with his own party leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who is considered a cult figure, Goh said that Modi may not have scholar like approach but he is visionary and expert at implementing ideas.

While meeting with Modi during his five day visit to India, Goh said,"Vajpayee was like a scholar and shrewd in his policies, but Modi knows how to get things done as he is a man of action. There are great expectations from him and my only worry is that people may be impatient''.

Though, both the leaders have their own strengths and weaknesses, but big question is whose type of vision, policy India really needs at the moment. And for that we have to throw little light on their background, personality and political history.

How different are the two leaders?

Born into Brahmin family of headmaster , Vajpayee got good education (M.A). Because of good educational and intellectual environment at home, he imbibed many qualities like his suave nature , wittiness and above all orator skill. Though Modi was not fortunate at this front as he belonged to poor family of oil-pressers .

He used to assist his father at tea stalls and later he himself started selling tea at railway stations. Unlike Vajpayee he lacked so called intelligentsia, but was hard worker right from initial days.

A soft spoken person Vajpayee has this art of impressing anyone with his oratory skill. Though somewhere Modi comes closer to BJP's tallest leader at this front, but his approach is full of aggressiveness and at times abrasive.

One was a widely respected statesman while the other falls in category of feared and insecure politician. Major difference between two leaders are the way they gave speeches. While, Vajpayee used to attract audience with his erudition and wisdom, Modi's speech always remains high on rhetoric and slamming mode. As far as working style is concerned Vajpayee was accommodating while Modi posses ‘my-way-or-the-highway' approach.

Similar at economic and foreign policy front

Both are similar the way they tamed their political path. Though, both started as RSS worker, Vajpayee never made Hindu fundamentalism a plank of his politics . On the other hand, Modi never concealed about his rightist leanings. However, in 2014 run up to election, he changed his tone and adopted development as a plank which ultimately brought UPA to their knee.

The two BJP leaders also gets consonance on the front of foreign diplomacy where both believed that well-disposed and accommodating neighbour is in India's best interest. Like Vajpayee who started Delhi-Lahore bus service to make relation with Pakistan better, Modi also showed similar gestures.

Along with other SAARC leaders, he invited Pakistani premiere Nawaj Shariff during his swearing-in ceremony. On economic front also both leaders look almost similar view. Modi now wants to take forward the idea of Vajpayee who had started connecting the country through highways and roads during his regime.

Modi's vision for the country includes interlinking rivers, bullet trains, high speed trains and 100 smart cities, all borrowed from Vajpayee era.

What country requires at the moment?

After analysing similarities and differences between two leaders, it can be said that what currently our country needs is visionary leader who posess little assertion and aggression.

To make country prosperous, one should not be scholar but must have vision and foresightedness.

What is great about Modi is that he has this will power to make things into reality. Let's hope and pray that Modi will prove to be a most successful leader for the country.

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