Tamil Nadu polls 2016: A look at past results (1952-2011)

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Elections for the formation of the 16th Assembly in Tamil Nadu will be held on May 16 when all 234 Assembly constituencies in the state will go to polls.

Assembly Polls 2016 Coverage; Understanding TN politics 

In this election, the ruling AIADMK led by J Jayalalithaa is looking to win its first second consecutive victory while the DMK-led by nonagenarian M Karunanidhi is eyeing to return to power after a decade.

The third front led by Vijaykanth's DMDK and comprising the MDMK, VCK and two Left parties is also aiming to defeat both the main Dravidian parties. Of the two national parties, the Congress has joined the DMK while the BJP has joined two minor parties and contesting in 163 seats. [Bengal poll results: 1952-2011]

tamil nadu polls 2016

Here we take a look at the brief results of Tamil Nadu's past Assembly elections:

From 1952 to 1968, Tamil Nadu was known to be the state state of Madras, which was formed in 1950 after India became a Republic. [Assam poll results: 1952-2011]

  • 1952: Total seats 375
    Congress won 152, CPI won 62, Kisan Mazdoor Praja Party 35
    Chief Minister: C Rajagopalachari, K Kamaraj (Congress)
  • 1957: Total seats 205
    Congress won 151 seats, Congress Reform Committee 4, DMK 13 (but it was still not a recognised party), Praja Socialist Party (PSP) 2
    Chief Minister: K Kamaraj
  • 1962: Total seats 206
    Congress won 139, DMK 50, Swatantra Party 6
    Chief Minister: K Kamaraj, M Bhaktavatsalam (Congress)
  • 1967: Total seats 234
    DMK won 137 seats, Congress won 51, Swatantra Party 20, CPI(M) 11
    Chief Minister: CN Annaudrai, VR Nedunchezhiyan, M Karunanidhi (DMK)
  • 1971: Total seats 234
    DMK won 184 seats, Congress (O) won 15
    Chief Minister: Karunanidhi (DMK)
  • 1977: Total seats: 234
    AIADMK alliance won 144 seats, DMK 48, Congress 27
    Chief Minister: MG Ramachandran (AIADMK)
  • 1980: Total seats: 234
    AIADMK alliance won 162 seats, DMK-Congress alliance won 69
    Chief Minister: MG Ramachandran (AIADMK)
  • 1984: Total seats: 234
    AIADMK-Congresss-others alliance won 195 seats, DMK alliance won 34
    Chief Minister: MG Ramachandran, Janaki Ramachandran (AIADMK)
  • 1989: Total seats: 234
    DMK alliance won 137 seats, AIADMK (Jayalalithaa) alliance won 30, Congress won 26
    Chief Minister: M Karunanidhi (DMK)
  • 1991: Total seats: 234
    AIADMK-Congress-Indian Congress (Socialist) alliance won 225 seats, DMK alliance won 7 seats
    Chief Minister: J Jayalalithaa (AIADMK)
  • 1996: Total seats: 234
    DMK alliance won 221 seats, AIADMK-Congress alliance won 4
    Chief Minister: M Karunanidhi (DMK)
  • 2001: Total seats: 234
    AIADMK-Congress-others alliance won 198 seats, DMK alliance won 37 seats
    Chief Minister: J Jayalalithaa, O Panneerselvam, Jayalalithaa (AIADMK)
  • 2006: Total seats: 234
    DMK-Congress-others alliance 163, AIADMK alliance 69
    Chief Minister: M Karunanidhi (DMK)
  • 2011: Total seats: 234
    AIADMK-DMDK-others alliance won 203 seats, DMK-Congress-others won 31
    Chief Minister: J Jayalalithaa, O Panneerselvam, Jayalalithaa (AIADMK)
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